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How Reiki Found Me. Or Did Reiki find Me?

I’m a shy person by nature.
I don’t like talking about myself.
But you might be interested to know my story.

Has Learning Reiki changed?

Learning Reiki Level 1 was such a great experience! I learned Reiki in a class with 4 other people. The course went a full day, and I remember being a bit overwhelmed with all the new information about the Aura and Chakras, Reiki energy, self treatment and the treatment of others...  

When My Dad Rolled His Eyes, Because Of Reiki 

One day, after learning Reiki level 2, I visited my parents. I was excited to tell them about everything that you can do with Reiki. My dad was already annoyed, I could tell :)...

I thought I was a victim

I was a very shy person. If things got tough, I would recede into myself, and I became smaller to the world. I didn’t like to say what I was thinking. I kept it all to myself, which ultimately wasn’t good for my health. Before learning Reiki, two of my colleagues started to bully me at work.

What Are Attunements?

An Attunement is a spiritual practice, and you can understand it as a ritual, to help a person to connect to their spiritual source. Or you could say an Attunement means to be tuned into a specific energy. This can be done through a ritual, but also through meditations...

Can you draw the problems or sickness from your clients into your life?

Sometimes I hear spiritual healers saying: When I give a healing session, I often feel awful afterwards. Or: I often get the same illness or problems as my client. Why does this happen? The healer wants to help, but as a result they feel out of balance, or sick?

The Reiki Box

In our Reiki Level 2 course we are showing you how you can work with a Reiki Box. This is a fun method you can use to send Reiki to lots of people at once. For this you need a wooden box, that you can decorate, or just leave it the way it is. I just created a new Reiki Box, because I needed to replace the other one you saw in the Videos. I thought I would show you my new creation, maybe you will get inspired to create one as well.

Why can you feel worse after an energy healing session? The Healing Crises

After an Energy Healing Session, distance, or in person, most people feel refreshed. It is said that 40 minutes of an Energy Healing session feels like 4 hours of sleep. But this is not always the case. During or after some sessions you, or the client, may feel very emotional, or start to experience a worsening of their symptoms, and some even have other symptoms that they did not have before.

Often people ask me: “Daniela, where they should start on my spiritual journey, you offer so many courses!
I often suggest to start with Reiki, because Reiki gives you all the basic knowledge about energy healing, aura, and self development.

Usui REIKI  Courses

The Reiki healing method is to channel the universal life energy, and it is given to oneself or to others, by gently laying ones hand on or slightly above the body, and it helps with your spiritual growth.
Reiki is a system for healing and self-improvement. The concept and word Reiki (spoken: Ree-Kii) comes from Japan, and is the expression for the universal life energy. It is defined as being that power which acts and lives in all created matter.

Video online Course with Distance Attunements and Certificate

Video online Course with Distance Attunements and Certificate - Prerequisite Reiki 1

Video online Course with Distance Attunements and online Certificate

Bundle: All 3 Video online Courses with Distance Attunements and 3 Certificates

Daniela and Lina are the Reiki Master/Teacher, and created the Reiki Courses 🦋♥️
Deep Dive Article: What are Attunements?

This course is for Reiki Practitioners, who want to refresh their Reiki Level 1 knowledge - without attunements

This course is for Reiki Level 2 Practitioners, who want to refresh their Reiki Level 2 knowledge - without attunements

This Bundle course is for Reiki Practitioners, who want to refresh their Reiki Level 1 and 2 knowledge - without attunements