How I found Reiki. Or did Reiki find me?

How I found Reiki. Or did Reiki find me?

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Thank you so much for being interested in reading more about my personal story. 💜

Hi, my name is Daniela, and I want to personally welcome you, not just to my online school, but to my world.

I’m a shy person by nature.
I don’t like talking about myself.

But you might be interested to know my story.

Although I was shy, and introverted, I was thrown into the spiritual world as a practitioner, and soon after that, as a teacher.

Wow, me as a teacher?
No way! The cheeky Universe pushed me into it...

But you might have had a similar story before you started your spiritual journey. 
Did you?

So I started teaching person to person, and now online.
I never thought I would be doing it; or that I could even do it at all! 

Especially being in front of a camera, and speaking English.
English is my second language, which I started to learn when I was already 40 years old!

I know that all of us go through bad times.

You've probably had some kind of life changing experience in your life too, right?
And I know that sharing experiences with others can be helpful.
Sometimes it's healing.
It’s like saying: look, you're not alone.

I would like to share a life changing experience with you, when I had to decide to stay here on Earth, or go to the spirit world.

This experience turned my life upside down. I was diagnosed with cancer, and I got a surgery. 

It looked like everything went well. But when I got home, something had gone terribly wrong.

I had to go back to the hospital, in an Ambulance, to get this fixed.

So I’m waiting to see the doctor, and by now I’ve lost lots of blood. It seemed like they were not taking my condition seriously enough. They left me in the hall.

So during this near fatal blood loss, I felt like nothing mattered anymore. I felt like nothing was real, it was like a dream.

Then, suddenly the doctor realized what was going on. And of course, they panicked!
I had to sign a waiver, and up I went into surgery again. I still had this feeling as if nothing mattered anymore.

So there I was in my room to recover. But it was a struggle. It felt like I really had to fight to stay here on Earth.

I know, this sounds like a cliche, but I saw a black tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was a light!

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Now, it would have been so easy to go to the light. But what about my kids?

My only thoughts were for my kids. They needed me, and it would have been selfish to just leave them behind. I needed to be there for my boys.

I had to choose, and I did, otherwise I would not be writing this right now.

But I had to fight. And during this struggle, not only did I see the light, but also strange beings around me. I don't know who they where. Maybe I just saw them because I was like in between worlds. Or it was the effects of the drugs.

But this experience had a big impact on my life. It showed me that there is more than just what we see with our physical eyes.

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After that day, I knew I had to change my life going forward.

After that day, I knew I had to change my life going forward.

I was asking: “why did I get cancer, and what can I do, so this doesn't happen again?”

I began learning about lots of holistic remedies. I read about homeopathy, acupuncture, and meditation. I looked up lots of preventative things to keep me healthy.

Yes, I beat the cancer, but life was still a challenge!

I separated from my husband.

I think the Universe was reminding me to move forward in my life.

Later at work I met a new guy, Micheal, who is my husband now.

My Life Changed

Besides my two sons from my first marriage, and one daughter from Michael's first marriage, we expanded our family with two girls.

Organizing a big family and going to work was a big challenge.

But these challenges where the reason that I found Reiki. Or did Reiki find me?

reiki, reiki symbols, learn reiki, reiki online, attunement, distance healing, distance attunement, reiki healing, reiki treatment

This is how I found Reiki, or Reiki found me :)

After my fourth child, I went back to work again, but my colleagues in the office gave me a hard time, because they where unhappy with themselves.

And so I was looking for a different job.

Eventually, I met Betina Maria, who became my good friend and teacher. She had this esoteric shop.

I loved all the stuff she had in there. I spent a lot of time looking at everything.

She told me she was looking for help in the office. But she couldn't pay me. So she said she could teach me Reiki Level 1 as payment. 

I didn’t know what Reiki was. I had no idea what was going on, but it sounded great!
I said, "ok, I can come for a few hours after my regular job, and help you in your office."

When I went home that day, I passed by a book shop. I thought to look and see if they have books about Reiki. I should at least get an idea what Reiki is all about.

I found this small, easy to read book, and I couldn't stop reading it. I finished it by the evening, and somehow I knew that this was my calling!

It felt so familiar, like it was something that I have done before, maybe in a past life?

Then, the night before the class, I had this incredible experience! 

When I closed my eyes, because I wanted to sleep, I clearly saw bubbles with colourful mandalas inside.

It felt like as if they where entering into my third eye!

I couldn't even see this clearly with my physical eyes (especially now that I need glasses, lol).

Today I'm sure it was a preparation for the attunements.
These visions didn't stop for a long time during this night, and it was hard to fall asleep.

The next day, after I received my first attunement for Reiki Level 1, I started to cry.

I didn't know what was going on, I couldn't stop. Actually, it was a bit embarrassing, but what should I do? I felt so much love at this moment, and I felt I was coming home. I know I released a lot of blockages then. And just after crying, I started to laugh!

During my 21 days of Healing, I experienced an emotional rollercoaster. I felt happy, then sad, it was up and down. Sometimes I would start to cry without knowing the reason. All I know is that a-lot of blockages were being released.  

And after one Week or so, this emotional roller-coaster came to an end. And that was the beginning of an amazing spiritual journey!

After that I couldn't stop learning, and practicing Reiki. It felt like I had to go down this path. It felt like a new life!

Learning Reiki Level 1 was a very emotional experience.  

Once I was introduced to the amazing, mind-opening world of spiritual healing, I could not stop learning.

Reiki Session at

When I did my Reiki 1, I felt like a big shift happened to me. 

I felt more in balance with myself, my family and work. What a great thing!

I needed this, because life can be pretty challenging. Having a tool to help you find balance in life, is a wonderful gift.

I wanted more of this :)

After my Reiki Master and Teacher Level,  my intention was to master myself through Reiki.
I was way too shy to teach anything!

But this is exactly what happened. 

Short after I finished my Master and Teacher degree, Betina called me and said: “Daniela, I have a Reiki Level 1 Class tomorrow with 4 people. I’m sick, I can’t tell them not to come, so I decided that you should do it.”

I said: "What? Me? Oh no!"

I mean, I was actually very well prepared to teach. Betina wanted us to study and volunteer a lot. I also had to teach some friends as a final exam, and I created my own manuals too.

Yes, I could do it, but… instant Anxiety :)

I answered: “Mmm, I don’t know, if I'm good enough?”

She said: “I told them already, that you're a new teacher, with no teaching experience, and they are fine with it.”

Well, I couldn't say NO.

The next morning, when I arrived, and the students came in, I started to introduce myself. I said: “Ok, this is my first time teaching Reiki, and I'm really nervous.” The reaction of the students was just awesome, they were supportive. All my anxiety went away, at least most of it.

I used a little trick: I put all my attention on the students.

Without caring about how prefect I spoke, what I looked like, and what they might think about me, I put my entire focus on them.

This trick helped me to be way more self confident.

I thought, wow, teaching Reiki helps me to gain confidence!
I noticed this effect happening even after my Reiki Level 1 and 2. But being confident enough to teach, and help others was a big deal for me! For my life, gaining self confidence is truly one of the best, and unexpected benefits of practising and teaching Reiki. 

I'm very grateful for my Reiki teacher Betina M. Spring. 

She pushed me forward on my spiritual journey, in a practical way, including Shamanic Journeying, and Aura Balancing.

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Soon I started to teach Reiki regularly, beside my day job. 

No one could stop me!
It took about a year to quit my job, and do it full time.

But what I really want to say about the benefit of teaching Reiki is that I learned more about myself than ever before.
And much of what I've learned came from my students.
My students are also my teachers.
We learn from each other.  

Through my Reiki classes, I’ve been able to connect to people around the world.

And what I really love is when my students go through the same positive life change as well. 

This is why we need Reiki Practitioners and Teachers more than ever.

I’m guessing if you’re here, then it’s probably the same thing for you too—am I right? You may not want to teach, but you want to grow spiritually, or find more balance in your life. If so, then you NEED to get started!
Do what I did, learn a lot about energy healing, practice and help others!

Did you know that most Spiritual Seekers start with Reiki? 

When people ask me where they should start on their spiritual journey, then I often suggest to start with Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, because Reiki gives you all the basic knowledge about energy healing, aura, and self development.

That, which you'll learn in a Reiki Class, can be combined with a lot of other Healing modalities.
We now offer Reiki online for students who don't have classes near by, or have other reasons that impede them from going to a course.

Are you already a Reiki practitioner?

If so, I hope you practice a lot. 

If your daily life is too busy, and you don't do a lot with Reiki, then don't worry, just start giving yourself Reiki again. You will not need the attunements again, but a Reiki Refresher 1 or Refresher 2 course is always good idea :).

I personally had more than one
Reiki Teacher, because I wanted to see how others teach, and what they are teaching.
My second Reiki Master and Teacher was Norbert Kuhl, and I'm very grateful for his teachings.

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Now you know a little bit about how my journey started. 
Reiki was a good start, but there is so much more to experience.