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Most of us know how important it is to stay positive, especially in difficult times like we experience now worldwide with a virus.

I know it is easier said than done, and fear can spread very fast like the virus itself. This can weaken our immune system in times where we need a strong immune system.

Besides following the official instructions given to us by governments to help stop the virus, you can also do a simple technique every time you feel fearful, or if any other emotion overwhelms you.
This little video is from my course: “How to Create Karma You Love” and shows you how.

I also invite you to enroll for FREE in this course, because I believe we need to help each other in different ways. And feel free to share the link with everyone who understands that our thoughts have a big impact on our lives.
Note: for everyone who is already enrolled in this course, you may want to go back, because I updated the course a while ago with more videos and information.

Many Blessings