Mindfulness Meditations

Mindfulness Meditations

Mindfulness Meditations at GateLighteLearning.com

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There are different ways of practicing meditations. In this article I will talk about Mindfulness Meditations.

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There are different ways of practicing meditations.

Reiki is a form of meditation, where you, or your client, go into a deep relaxation. And we all know, when you relax, you let go of stress, and this helps the body to activate the self healing process.

Listening to a specific shamanic drumming music is a form of meditation, or practicing Trance Healing too.

 Any kind of meditation is beneficial for us.  

Mindfulness Meditations

We often read or hear the term: Mindfulness Meditations.
“Mindfulness” means to become aware of the present moment, without thinking of the past, or the future.

In Mindfulness meditations you focus on your breath, and you feel the sensation of your body. Being aware of each breath you take, helps you to be in the present moment.

Just for a moment...

close your eyes, and focus on your breath.
And when you breathe in, think: Now, I breathe in. And when you breathe out, think: Now I breathe out.

3-Minutes-Breathing Meditation

What do you notice when you are practicing this? No other thought can arise, no worries about the future, no thoughts about the past, you are simply just in the NOW.

Our lives are very busy.

We have lots of things to do, and we worry about the future, or our thoughts hang in the past. But really, when you think about it, can you live in the future right now?

Try it out. 
Close your eyes, and try to live in the future. You can imagine the future, but you can not live there.
Now, try to live in the past. Close your eyes, and try to live there. Is this possible? No, you can’t live there right now, because you are here. You might have memories of the past, but you are here now living your life.

But what happens when you always worry about the future? You get anxiety.
And what happens when you are stuck on your thoughts in the past? You probably get depressed.

f your mind is very cluttered, and your thoughts are all over the place, then you might not feel at peace, because you can not concentrate, you overeat, you have anxiety, and depression, you focus on your negative emotions, you always feel stressed, and you have problems in relationships and so one.

  When you don’t feel yourself, then it might be a good idea to practice mindfulness meditations. They can really help you to let go of stress, and be more present. And this will help you to find inner peace. 

It is said that Mindfulness exercises have its origins in Eastern philosophy, and Buddhism.

But anyone can practice mindfulness. 

The good thing is, you can practice it at any time, without a lot of preparation. You only need a quiet place, and a bit of time. This can be just for 5 minutes, or up to 30 minutes a day. And when you start, simply be comfortable, and close your eyes. You can guide yourself, by simply focusing on your breath, and thinking, now I breathe in, and now I breathe out.

I think guided meditations are very helpful, because it is easy to get lost in thoughts when you just meditate without any guidance.

I offer different forms of meditations in my free course: “Find inner peace through guided meditations”, one of them is the Simple breathing method, which is perfect when you start with meditations.

Free Meditations at GateLightElearning.com

We all go through stressful situations, especially these days. Depression and Anxiety is a big topic for a lot of us.

This is why I thought to record a little 15 minute mindful meditation.  You can find it in my free course 
"Find Inner Peace Through Guided Meditations" under "Mindfulness Meditations". It is called  
Breathe away anxious thoughts.  

Thank you for reading. Love and Light to you always.