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The Spiritual Significance of Colors

Not long ago, while browsing through Instagram, someone mentioned that it's brave to wear black because it attracts all kinds of energies, which might not be good for you. This caught my attention because I also learned that wearing white attracts the dark side...

What is a Higher Self

When I started my spiritual journey, I often heard the term “Higher Self”. For example in Reiki it is said when you do Distance Healing for someone, you can ask the Higher Self of that person if it is ok to send Reiki during a Distance Healing.

What Are Attunements?

An Attunement is a spiritual practice, and you can understand it as a ritual, to help a person to connect to their spiritual source. Or you could say an Attunement means to be tuned into a specific energy. This can be done through a ritual, but also through meditations...

Can you draw the problems or sickness from your clients into your life?

Sometimes I hear spiritual healers saying: When I give a healing session, I often feel awful afterwards. Or: I often get the same illness or problems as my client. Why does this happen? The healer wants to help, but as a result they feel out of balance, or sick?

Why can you feel worse after an energy healing session? The Healing Crises

After an Energy Healing Session, distance, or in person, most people feel refreshed. It is said that 40 minutes of an Energy Healing session feels like 4 hours of sleep. But this is not always the case. During or after some sessions you, or the client, may feel very emotional, or start to experience a worsening of their symptoms, and some even have other symptoms that they did not have before.