Why can you feel worse after an energy healing session?

Why can you feel worse after an energy healing session?

Reiki Distance Healing

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Reiki and any other healing methods help you to find balance, but sometimes you can experience a so called healing crises.

Why can you feel worse after an energy healing session?


First of all, it is important to understand that any form of Energy Healing does not replace a healthcare professional. You always need to see your medical doctor and follow their advice.  

An Energy Healing Session, like Reiki for example, is there to assist you, or the client, in correcting energetic imbalances in the energetic bodies; including the Mental, Emotional and Ether Bodies. This means blockages can be released, so that the body’s ability to heal itself is activated.  

After an Energy Healing Session, distance, or in person,  most people feel refreshed.
It is said that 40 minutes of an Energy Healing session feels like 4 hours of sleep.  

But this is not always the case. During or after some sessions you, or the client, may feel very emotional, or start to experience a worsening of their symptoms, and some even have other symptoms that they did not have before.  

It is good to know that energy healing works differently than when you go to see a healthcare professional. The goal with energy healing is to address the entire person. This means focusing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. This can be a deep and long process, including changing your way of thinking, reconsidering your beliefs, and your way of life, by seeing the opportunities that show up for your personal growth and transformation.

So why can this happen? Should you not feel awesome after an energy healing session?

Feeling worse after a healing session is actually very common with energy healing. I mentioned before that an energy healing Session helps to correct any energetic imbalances, that helps to release blockages on all levels of your being, so that the body’s Self Healing ability gets activated.

It is basically a shift in your energy bodies, and this can be uncomfortable, because our Ego does not like any changes.

You could imagine your Energy like a cloud, that looks gray, or dense in some areas.

Then the energy healer comes and does their work to break up the dense parts, or to lighten the gray so that everything starts moving again. The Ego, which created the cloud, does not like change, and tries to resist it. This resistance creates an uncomfortable reaction.


Healing Crises

In this case we talk about Healing crises, or healing reactions. The good thing is that these reactions are just temporary.

  Of course, when you get an energy healing session, you expect to feel better than before.

And if you experience a healing crisis after the session, you may think that the healing session was not good for you. But this is not the case, a healing reaction occurs when the body remembers, for example, old injuries, infections, wounds, or any other disharmony you might have experienced in the past. When this happens to you, then welcome this crisis, because it is a sign that the body is working to heal itself.  

Symptoms of a Healing Reaction, or Healing Crises may be a headache, fever, nausea, pains, sleepiness or insomnia, strong emotional reactions, including depressions, hot or cold flashes, flu like symptoms, and others.

  A Healing session can bring up past problems. The body is basically remembering problems from the past in the process of eliminating the blockages in the energy field, and body. You can compare it with a detox of the body.

A healing reaction can last just a few hours up to three days, but it can also last longer. The symptoms are temporary, and when the blockages are gone, the energy in the body, and energy field, including the Chakras, can flow again, so that you feel lighter, and stronger. 

You can assist the body during a healing reaction, also called healing time. Nurturing food, drinking plenty of water, getting enough rest is important and can help. A healthy lifestyle is suggested.

Energy Healing will never harm! Energy Healing comes from a place of love and light, and is for the highest and best wellbeing.   

The healing energy that moves through the body wants to break up blockages in your energy bodies, and channels. This can feel uncomfortable, and it might be that the Ego tells you to resist, because the Ego does not like changes.

 When you receive any healing energy, try to stay positive, knowing that any uncomfortable reaction is just like a detox, and it will pass.  

Energy healing is not dangerous, and you can not attract bad spirits into your energy, like some people believe.  

But still, when you are ill, see a regular medical doctor first, and follow their advice. Energy Healing Practitioners should never promise healing.  Not even a doctor can guarantee to heal you. But still, miracles happen every day, on a regular basis, all around the world. 

Thank you for being here. Love and Light to you always.