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Welcome to my online school and my world. My name is Daniela and I am here to personally greet you. Embark on a transformative spiritual journey with my favorites of Tarot articles.
By the way, 'The Hermit' is my personality and soul Tarot card. Do you know your card?

The History Of Tarot Cards Is A Mystery, Why?

I always wanted to know the history of tarot cards, and why they have the power to guide me in my life for today, and into the future. When I looked it up I found something discouraging. No one really knows where the mysterious power of the tarot deck comes from exactly.

Is A Tarot Card Reading Set in Stone?

👉An article by Michael

Are Tarot Cards Evil?

Are tarot cards evil? Are you evil? I don't think I'm evil, but a long time ago I wondered if using tarot was ok. Back then I thought, is there some mystical and evil influence on these cards that seem to accurately predict the future...

When Tarot Was Forbidden

A personal story: I didn't know the word spirituality when I was young, because I lived in East Germany. Everything that had to do with Mystics, or spiritual knowledge was not a theme you could easily get access to, or talk about...

Learn the Tarot Card meanings by reading your daily Tarot Card

One way of learning the meaning of each Tarot Card is through drawing and reading one card each day.

Let's look into the cards, to get guidance and wisdoms.
But remember, Tarot card Readings are not written in Stone!

Tarot Card Reading Courses

Beginner Course (also for advanced readers) - Certified Course 

The Big Tarot Spread - A course for advanced Tarot card Readers - Certified course

The Arte of Tarot Card Reading & The Art of Advanced Tarot Reading - certified course

The history of tarot cards: why is it a mystery?
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