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I am Daniela, and it is my pleasure to personally welcome you. As we embark on this spiritual journey together, I am excited to share personal stories, valuable wisdom, and practical tips that will accompany you along the way. Within this collection, you will discover a selection of my favorite articles on the topic of Shamanic Journeying

7 Signs That Tell You To Learn Shamanic Journeying

Can Any One Be A Shaman, And Learn Shamanic Journeying? 

How I started Shamanic Journeying, and how I found my Power Animal

Before I learned anything, my teacher did a shamanic Journey for me to bring back parts of my Soul. I was in the process of learning soul retrieval. This is a shamanic journey that helps you find parts of the soul that are missing, and to bring them back...

Shamanic Training Can Help You To Balance Body, Mind And Soul

No method is better than any other, they’re just different. It’s like when you have a Tool Kit to fix something, and you choose the tool that works best to fix a problem.

Can you draw the problems or sickness from your clients into your life?

Sometimes I hear spiritual healers saying: When I give a healing session, I often feel awful afterwards. Or: I often get the same illness or problems as my client. Why does this happen? The healer wants to help, but as a result they feel out of balance, or sick?

Why can you feel worse after an energy healing session? The Healing Crises

After an Energy Healing Session, distance, or in person, most people feel refreshed. It is said that 40 minutes of an Energy Healing session feels like 4 hours of sleep. But this is not always the case. During or after some sessions you, or the client, may feel very emotional, or start to experience a worsening of their symptoms, and some even have other symptoms that they did not have before.

Are you being called to learn Shamanic Journeying? 

Shamanic Journeying Courses

Think of a Shamanic Journey as a mystical adventure. It's your personal passport to explore spiritual worlds, mingle with spirits, meet spirit animals, find lost souls, converse with angels, honour your ancestors, seek advice from elders, or chat with departed shamans. It's like a spiritual self-discovery quest, a path to unearth more about you while gathering wisdom, healing, knowledge, and guidance for your life. Ready to embark on this magical journey?

Learn Shamanic Journeying, find and bring back your Power Animal - Certified Online course  

Advanced Course: find and bring back your friends Power Animals - Certified online course 

The next Step: Find Shamanic Good Luck Symbols - Certified online course

Advanced Course: Learn how to find and bring Soul Fragments back for yourself and others - Certified online course 

Shamanic Journeying through breathing and dancing - certified online course

Prepare to embark on a journey along the River of Time to reveal the secrets of your past, present, and potential futures, opening doors to deep healing and insights about your life.

Bundle Course
How to do a Shamanic Journey
Power Animal Retrieval Practitioner
How to find Shamanic Symbols
Soul Retrieval
Bonus: How to do a Spiritual House Cleansing 

Bundle Course

Learn how to create a Sacred Place in your home or workplace. Certified online course