Shamanic Training, methods, and Tools: Is One Method Better Than The Other?

Shamanic Training Can Help You To Balance Body, Mind And Soul

Shamanic Training and methods, Studies, Shaman, Shamanic Journey Magic

Shamanic Tools to Balance Body, Mind & Soul

Hi, my name is Daniela, and I want to personally welcome you, to my online school, and my world.
In this article I like to talk about Shamanic Methods.

Shamanic training and methods can vary greatly, depending on factors such as belief systems, cultural practices, traditions, and the teacher involved.

And there I was. I was about to release my first Shamanic Journeying online course, and the day before it went live, something terrible happened…
You might be thinking my computer crashed and got corrupted…
Or maybe my servers failed and I couldn’t process transactions…

Look, stuff like that is simple to fix. But my problem was even worse… It wasn’t a problem I could throw money at to fix. It wasn’t a problem that someone else could solve for me.

It’s embarrassing to even talk about it now, but the truth is… I got cold feet.  I was literally on the verge of canceling the entire product launch.

The feelings of self-doubt and fear completely overtook me. I had great experiences teaching people Shamanic Journeying the way I learned it, in a face-to-face setting, but I had no experience with online teaching. I felt doubt because I wasn’t sure if my approach to shamanic teaching online was effective. I didn't know if people would truly benefit from it.

Well, it turns out it became a bestseller... But that's a different story... 

So I conducted some research on how other practitioners approach shamanic work, and here's what I discovered.
Shamanic Training and methods, Studies, Shaman, Shamanic Journey Magic

No method is better than any other, they’re just different. It’s like when you have a Tool Kit to fix something, and you choose the tool that works best to fix your problem.

Embracing Versatility in Shamanism: The Power of My Shamanic Aid Kit

I have learned various shamanic methods, and depending on what I need to balance, I choose the appropriate one. I like to refer to it as my Shamanic Aid Kit.  Sometimes, I need to find a Power Animal, other times a Symbol for Healing or Success, and there are occasions when I need to retrieve a Lost Soul Fragment, or work with the River Of Time. I can accomplish this through Shamanic Journeying or Shamanic Dancing, in collaboration with my Spirit Guides. 

I also use other Shamanic Methods, but the easiest way I think is Shamanic Journeying, because everyone can try it.

Shamanic training has the potential to greatly benefit your everyday life.
All you have to do is take the first step and engage in the practice.

Balancing Life and Self-Care: My Personal Journey in Shamanic Practices

I know this is the hardest part. Taking time for yourself.

I’m a mother of 4, a stepmother of 1 (all grown up now), and grandmother of 3.  I’m a wife, and housekeeper, a cook, and, of course, I’m a spiritual adviser, teacher, and online course creator.
One of my grandchildren, and 1 of my daughters and 1 of my sons, live with us, so there’s a lot going on in our home.

Well, how do I find time for my personal spiritual growth? 

The best way would be to pack my bags, and go on a nice relaxing holiday. But this is not possible with my daily schedule.

Instead I CHOOSE to take time for myself, there is no other way to do it!

If I had an extremely busy day, or I feel out of balance, I use my Shamanic training to change this in no time.

30 minutes a day is often enough, sometimes less, sometimes more. This is an effective spiritual remedy, to help me get back to “normal”.

Some of the Shamanic training I use is shamanic journeying. I go into my “Special” room, lie down, cover my eyes, and off I go, on a journey without packing my suitcase.

I know how busy life can be. You might feel the same way I do, right?
This is the reason why I love to share my knowledge about shamanic journeying with you.

The good thing is that you don’t need to be a Shaman to do this, anyone who feels somehow called to do it, can give it a try.
And if you really feel out of balance, or powerless, then you might need to find and bring back your Power Animal.  

Power Animal or Spirit Animal? 

People ask me if there’s a difference between a Power Animal and a Spirit Animal?
For me there is a difference, for others there’s not.

What I’ve learned, on my Shamanic Journeys is, that a Power Animal symbolizes your own Power within you.

If your power Animal is not with you, then you’ll feel like you need more than just a vacation.
A Spirit Animal for me is different.
It’s more like a Guide, an adviser or teacher.
But anyway, what I wanted to say is that almost anyone can do it, or at least try to take a shamanic journey. And it can be done now.

In my online course, I take you through a safe and easy step by step process of how to do a Shamanic Journey.

Of course, you can go to someone and let them find your Power Animal for you, but why not take your power in your own hands, and take shamanic training to help yourself?

And this is not all, after you’ve found your Power Animal, you can do so much more on a shamanic journey.

You can get answers to questions. Or you can find Symbols for healing, or meet your Spirit Helpers, and so on.

How wonderful would it be to have a tool right here, to bring balance into your life?

And, if you still want to see a shamanic practitioner, you can do this too, because everyone works differently, and we can all learn from each other.
An important tool in my Shamanic Aid Kit is a special kind of drumming music, which is included in my Shamanic Journeying course. 

I created this music by myself, because it is not easy to find good drumming music for shamanic Journeying.

Also know, that just listening to the shamanic drumming, for half an hour a day, will have a great, positive effect on you, bringing you into balance.
So let me guide you, step by step, to find and bring back your Power Animal, or to find Shamanic Symbols, or lost Souls.

I suggest to start with my Beginner course "How to do a Shamanic Journey", with the main focus on how to find your Power Animal. In this course you will learn the basics of Shamanic Journeying, in the way I've learned it from my teacher, and my Spirit Guides.
And if you already know how to do a Shamanic Journey, or you know your Power Animal, then I still suggest you enrol in my beginner course, so that you don't miss any information, or see if you can learn more, and combine your knowledge with the information in my course.

After this course, you can learn more through my other online classes like how to find Shamanic Symbols, lost Souls, and more.

This shamanic training is right here now for you to use. Bring harmony into your life by choosing to take the time out, and be good to yourself.

Are you being called to learn Shamanic Journeying? 

Shamanic Journeying Courses

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"So far this course has been pretty awesome. I've had some deep trance journey's and I totally get it. I've had past experience but the direction helps with my ability to observe, understand and incorporate all aspects of the journey. Thanks." Rocanne

"I really enjoy the way this course is presented - informative and 'open'. The techniques are shared and the importance of experience and practice in Shamanic Journeying before doing Soul Retrieval work is clear." 

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