How To Do A Shamanic Journey

How To Do A Shamanic Journey

Learn how to find and bring back your Power Animal - A Way To Inner Wholeness - Certified online Course

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Power Animal Retrieval Practitioner

In this course you will learn how to find your friend’s or client’s Power Animal, and how to bring it back into their lives, so that they will experience more energy and inner peace.



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      This is a really great course. Clear and concise information, I could stop and start at anytime thanks to the learning platform and as with all of Gatelight’s courses there are handouts and notes I can easily go back to if I don’t feel like watching the videos again. What I really loved was that it made shamanic journeying easily accessible for me where I had previously been interested but turned away because it seems a little too serious or complex. I also do not have the luxury of going out into the wild for days at a time which is what I had been previously led to believe needed to happen. With this class I can now do it in the comfort of my home but with all the intent and purpose that is required. It forces me to shut my door (sorry cats) and take time for myself in a way that I can’t do with just meditation alone and it delights me every time with it’s magic and the incredible insight I gain. Try it and you’ll see what I mean :)

      Melinda S.