Create Online Courses, Why?

Create Online Courses, Why?

Nobody will see you,
if you don’t shine your light!
Follow your Life’s mission,
share your wisdom,
and let ZENLER bring
it all together.

Build An Online School, 
But A School Alone Is Not Enough, Why?

If You want to create online courses, and create an online school, that is wonderful news! But did you know that it's not enough just to create an online school, if you want to leave your day job, and have it succeed? 

You will also need some expensive tools and services, like marketing funnels, email automation, and online communities. 

To get this kind of vital business power behind your new online school, you will need designers, developers and marketers.
But there is an easy solution!

Create Online Learning, and Build Your School Fast, With an
All in One Course Creation, Delivery & Marketing Platform

On the Zenler Platform you will get everything you need. The website you are viewing now was build with Zenler, and I think it's pretty awesome 😄

You will get course creation software, marketing funnels, email automation, online communities, live webinars, Zoom classes, automated certificates, and more, without needing to hire designers, developers or marketers.

I can't begin to tell you how much of a huge time and money savings it is to your online business, to have everything you need in one place, for one price.

I love Zenler For Creating My Online Courses, And Running my School, Why?

In my opinion, Zenler, the platform I am using for my online courses, is the best platform you will find to run your own Online Courses. Sure, there are many other platforms, and I have tried a lot, but this All In One Course Creation, Delivery & Marketing Platform can't be beat.
And the best of it is, that you don't need to share your profit.

online school platform

My journey with Zenler goes back a while. I was a pre-beta tester for the new Zenler, and it was so awesome, even back then, that I wished it would have been available to everyone to use.    

I already liked the “old” Zenler, but the new Zenler is a “must have” for online course creators.

Beside uploading Videos, music and pdf files, you can now create quizzes, have multiple teachers, captions upload, Power Point presentations, and surveys, and assignments.  

These features will offer students a great learning experience. 

But this is not all. You can broadcast to your email lists, create marketing funnels, like lead magnets and Video Series.  

There are different reports, like daily sales reports, drip schedule, and you can include affiliates, create coupons (direct amount, or percentage), and you can upload your own certificates, if you don’t want to use the pre-made ones.

And you have the option to make courses secret too!  

I also love the payment methods now, because you can choose different payment plans, which is something I was looking for!

And you can create Bundles, include Reviews, automatic Access Instruction Emails, get them to revisit the course emails, and course completion emails.

And of course you can create your own pages with easy to add drop blocks and elements, and customization of everything just the way you want it. Perfect for branding yourself. 

The support is always amazing too, the Zenler Team responds right away, and they listen to us course creators for new ideas too.

Depending on your plan you choose, the Zenler Platform offers Zoom classes, Site community, and Course community.

You can integrate Stripe and Paypal, and so much more, and always more to come.

We are still in Beta, even with all they offer now, and this is why it is cheaper to join now!

Right now Zenler is still in Beta, and if you subscribe for the Pro Plan or the Premium Plan it is a lot cheaper than when the network goes public. All the features in the Pro Plan and Premium Plan are available in Beta, and you will be locked in to the Beta Price forever.

That is why you can only join if you get invited. To make it easier, just click on the invite buttons on this page.

How To Create An Online School?

The simple answer is join Zenler, try it for free, and start building your online school the smart way.

Just take it one step at a time. The support is awesome, and there are tons of how to videos on their channel, from quick "get started" tutorials, to in-depth expert webinars.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below and create your online school now!