Our Team

Daniela Hills - Founder of GateLight

4. February 1965  in Germany
Married status:
kids: 2 girls and 2 boys, 1 Stepdaughter – and 4 grandchildren
Resident since 2005
Canada – Calgary
Founder and Creator of
GateLight, WhiteLight Self Empowerment, The Healing Grid

What I've learned on my spiritual journey (some of it):

    • (2002 – 2010) Ecology of tThoughts -Transpersonal Psychology-  (Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan aus Moskau, Jenja Kegeles)
    • Secrets of the subconscious (Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan from Moskau)
    • Secrets of Gratitude (Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan from Moskau)
    • Information streams (channeling, talking to spirits, mediumship) (Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan from Moskau)
    • Nano-Technology – by Dr. L. P. Trojan
    • Money and Business – (Education by Betina M. Spring based on the teachings of A.S. Vartanian)
    • Intuition-Training – (Education by Betina M. Spring based on the teachings of A.S. Vartanian)
    • Becoming younger and loosing weight – (Education by Marina Benner based on the teachings of A.S. Vartanian)
    • 2004 Reincarnation therapy (Jameison) (Reincarnation therapy-Education by HP A. Klieme, certified)
    • (2011) Theta Healing Practitioner
    • (2011) Remote Viewing (CRV and ERV)
    • Mediumship (Education by UK Medium Tim Abbott – England, Minister Libby Clark – England from Arthur Findlay College, Medium Melanie Fischer – Germany, and Charles Virtue)
    • Trance Healing  (Education by Sandi Baker, UK Medium from Arthur Findlay College)
    • 2 Point Method - Online Course
    • (2002) Usui-Reiki (Education by Betina Maria Spring und Norbert Kuhl)
    • Grand Master degree (Education by Brunhilde Lemper)
    • Shamballa-Reiki (Education by Brunhilde Lemper)
    • (2002) Karuna Reiki® (registered teacher) (Education by Argante Steuernthal, Berlin, Germany)
    • (2002) Violet Flame Reiki (Education by Argante, Berlin, Germany)
    • (2005) Komyo Reiki Kai (Education by Karel Putz)
    • and more….
Egyptian school:
    • (2002) Seichim (Education by Brunhilde Lemper)
    • (2002)Isis Seichim (Education by A. S. Steuernthal)
    • (2003) RA~SHEEBA® (Education by A. S. Steuernthal and the Founder of Ra Sheeba)
Shamanic Healing:
    • (2002) Professional Aura Balancer (Spiralaura-Balance by Nemi Nath aus Australien) (Education by Betina Maria Spring)
    • (2004) Soul Hunting, and Trance Dance (Education by Betina Maria Spring, Germany)
    • Ama Deus Shamanic Healing (Education by Pamela Jordan from Irland)
    • Runa Energy (Education by Mo v. Lipinsky, Germany)
Other Energy-Healing-Systems:
    • Violet Crystal (Education by A. S. Steuernthal)
    • Magnified Healing® (registered teacher) (Education by A. S. Steuernthal)
    • Energy-Grid Activation (Education by Manuela Kornatz)
    • Tarot and Lenormand Reading (Education by Ilona Raufer)
    • Face Reading (Education by Herman Müller)
    • Fire Serpent Attunement
    • Spring Forest QiGong Healing
    • Quantum Touch
    • Professional Space Clearing
    • Dowsing
    • …and more…
    • and I'm still learning :), because I love it!

I was born in East Germany, in 1965. I am married, and a mother, stepmother, and grandmother.
I have two sons from my first marriage. My oldest son Stefan is an author and published books on amazon.com. His future wife is an actress, and their kids are two cute birds.
My other son is a father of two sons. My grandsons call me “Oma”, the German version of grandma.
My stepdaughter, she is a world traveler, but lives right now in Germany with her son.
My  oldest daughter is a mom, and creates online courses. She is also a make up artist, and creates also her own make up. 

And my youngest daughter is an actress, songwriter and singer. 
I beside the spiritual work, I have lots of hobbies, and they all complement each other. I make my own cosmetics, shampoo and conditioner bars, Lotions, and soaps
I practice the Art of Dotting Mandalas (a form of painting).

Lina Hills

My name is Lina, and I was born in Germany in 1997. We moved to Canada at 2005.
I love to practice the Magickal Arts.
I grew up with Reiki, and I got my first Attunements when I was 6 years old.
When I was 18 I did my Reiki master.
I am also a Theta Healing Practitioner.
Magick, Tarot and, Energy Healing, and Reiki are simply just a normal part of my life.

I love to learn and share my knowledge with you. You will meet me in some of the courses here, and I hope I see you there soon :)

Private: I'm a mother of a little energetic girl, and she is the centre of my life right now.
I'm also a Make up artist, and beside the Magickal Arts, and my daughter,
I love to care for the environment, and spend time in nature.
You can follow me on instagram if you like, just look for: merethia - Lina Hills

Michael Hills

Hi, I’m Daniela’s husband, Michael.
Daniela is my Guru. I have great respect for her amazing teachings.

You will find a lot of posts that I have written to support her on GateLight.com, and here at GateLightELearning.com, as a guest author. She’s my inspiration!

I wrote this book a while back, when I lived in Germany. You can get it on Amazon.com

Thank you for being here. Keep Learning. Love and Light to you always.

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