GateLight Music and Meditations

Harmonic Offerings: Exclusive Music from Our Courses Now Available for Individual Purchase

Hello, lovely souls! Along with creating online courses, Michael Hills and I have also crafted the music featured within these courses. Typically, this music becomes available for download once you've enrolled in a specific course. However, understanding that some of you might wish to enjoy our music independently of our courses, we're now thrilled to offer the option to purchase the music separately. We invite you to browse our collection and discover the perfect tunes to suit your needs!

Sacred Earth

Sacred Earth Meditation Music with and without Binaural Beats: Immerse yourself in this grounding meditation music and discover the shaman within you. Please note that this music is included in my course 'How to do a Shamanic Journey' as bonus downloads – available only without Binaural Beats and is 33 minutes long. 'Sacred Earth' by is a creation of Michael and Daniela Hills.

Drumming Music for Shamanic Journeying

by - a creation of Daniela Hills

Embark on a transformative journey with our Shamanic Drumming Music, expertly crafted to enhance your shamanic journeying experience. This rhythmic and powerful drumming is designed to guide you into a deep state of meditation, allowing for profound spiritual exploration and self-discovery. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned practitioners, our drumming music serves as a reliable and immersive tool to connect with your inner wisdom and the spiritual world. Experience the ancient art of shamanic journeying with the resonant beats of our authentic drumming music.