Sacred Earth Meditation Music

Blend Minds and Spirits with Soulful Sounds

This music will sweep you into deep relaxation.

 You can enjoy the first track without headphones, but for the second track with binaural beats, headphones are recommended.

Music with Binaural Beats  

Binaural Beats can induce a trance-like state, allowing you to connect with everything that exists.  The Binaural Beats in this meditation are set at a frequency of 4 Hertz. This frequency is ideal for creating a trance-like state conducive to healing and manifesting. For optimal results, listen to this music regularly, once a day, and ensure you listen through to the end. The more frequently you listen, the greater the effect.  For the best experience, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and use headphones.  IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: Do not use binaural beats if you suffer from seizures, heart problems, or have a pacemaker. They are also not recommended for pregnant women, children, or while driving or riding a bike. Avoid engaging in any potentially hazardous activities immediately after listening. We will not be responsible for any injuries or damages whatsoever that may result from using our meditation music.

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"Sacred Earth" was created by Michael Hills and Daniela Hills and is protected under copyright law. Michael Hills and Daniela Hills retains full copyright ownership and all associated rights. If you have any questions about using my music or any other materials, please contact us.