How To Do A Spiritual Cleansing to replace negative energy with positive energy for a spiritual cleansing, home and office. Experience a spiritual transformation and release negative energy.

How To Do A Spiritual House Cleansing

Learn how to create a Sacred Place in your home or workplace. Certified online course

What is the course about?

I will show you, through a series of videos, how to get rid of negative energy in your house. This Beginner Course will help you to get ideas of different ways of a spiritual cleansing in your home or office. This may be a short course, but you will learn everything you need to know to start almost immediately. I keep this course simple, and to the point.

Why should you take this course?

This course is great for people who are healers, energy workers, and for anyone who wants to bring positive energy into their home or office (work space). You'll be amazed the positive things that can happen when new energy is flowing in your space.

Note: There is no one culture or belief system that this spiritual cleansing course is based on, or represents. This course does not cover all possible ways of a spiritual cleansing. But you are welcome to give ideas.
This course is not about releasing "ghosts"!

This is the Course Curriculum

A Spiritual House Cleansing is a Way To Inner and Outer Balance

Spiritual cleansing is nothing new. Our ancestors used to do spiritual cleansing for their homes to get rid of negative or stagnant energy, and to bring positive energy and harmony inside.

We can find different cleansing methods in all cultures around the world. The methods and tools may vary from culture to culture, but the intent to bring harmony into a space is always the same.

If you do Energy Healing, you will know how important it is that your workplace feels clean and comfortable, not just physically, but energetically

If you want your client, and yourself, to feel comfortable and protected during a healing or meditation, I suggest to cre- ate a sacred space by doing a spiritual cleansing.

Please note: There is no one culture or belief system that this spiritual cleansing course is based on, or represents.

My name is Daniela, and I have practiced energy
healing for many years now. Throughout the
years I have learned many different methods of
spiritual cleansing. I want to share my experi-
ence and knowledge with you about spiritual
cleansing in a very simple, but effective way.

What is negative energy?
Negative energy is created, most of the time, through negative thoughts and emotions. Maybe you had a bad, stressful day, or you had an argument with your partner or your kids. All the thoughts, words and emotions of this moment will leave an energy that can be absorbed by your home, and by all of the objects found in there.

Did you ever visit someone, maybe a friend, and you felt that something was not right when you stepped into the house? Then your friend told you that they just had an argument with their partner. Everything is energy.

Our thoughts, connected with emotions, is a very strong energy indeed, that can influence the energy in the house in a bad or good way.

When do you want to do a spiritual cleansing in your living space?

A spiritual cleansing is not just helpful for your space where you do energy work, it is also very helpful for any living space. Here are some examples:

  •  before a healing session
  •  after a healing session
  •  before a meditation
  • after an argument
  • after illness
  • after someone has passed away
  • before you move into a new house
  • after a divorce or a break up
  •  to bring positive energy into your business
  •  and so much more...
How long will the course take to complete?
You can start almost right away to do a Spiritual Cleansing in your own space! And it will be fun!

What kind of material is included?
Videos, an E-book to download, and a Certificate
What is the course about?
This course is great for beginners. I will show you, through a series of videos, how to get rid of negative energy in your house.

Why should you take this course?
This course is great for people who are healers, energy workers, and for anyone who wants to bring positive energy into their home or office (work place). 

You'll be amazed the positive things that can happen when new energy is flowing in your place....

How is the course structured? 
This is an easy to follow, step by step course, where I personally will show you how to do a Spiritual Cleansing.



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Melanie Heinrichsdobler


This is by far the best course I have taken that is reviewing the whole process again at the end of a section to better understand. Repetition is the master of all skills and I just love how this is applied here. My house feels very serene and it gives me routine and confidence to do this on a regular basis. Thank you Daniela! This is a wonderful bundle of practical knowledge. Love it! :)

3 years ago
Christina Graves

Mood changed in a few short hours

I am so grateful for this Spiritual Cleansing course and how it got me out of a 'funk'. I was feeling very low energy when I realized that I should try Daniela's course. There was a lot of new info and I love the short videos and how they simply and straight-forwardly keep my interest. I literally said to my computer "ahhh come on' when Daniela paused the course allowing time to tidy my house :) But it worked! Along the way I found a few treasures I had forgotten about and perfect spots for them. I transformed the energy and my mood. Thanks for the push and for the great tools!

4 years ago
Lea Ella Liesbeth Woick

Thank you

Thank you for teaching me Spiritual Cleansing. Simple and compact, easy to understand. Now I want to cleanse my room :)

5 years ago

Best Spiritual Cleansing Course Ever!!

Thank you Daniela for this awesome course. It is the best course on Spiritual Cleansing I have taken. I like that it is very detailed but not complicated. It encompasses all that one would need to be able to apply the knowledge right away. Great learning!! Thank you Daniela

5 years ago

 "This is a really relaxing, interesting course with a lot of good information. I think this would be an excellent place to start, but it offers good information and useful suggestions even for people that have practiced for a long time. The instructor also has a lovely, soothing voice that made the videos extremely easy to listen to and matched the tone of the subject she was teaching. Over all, very well done both in the sense of the quality of information given and in the production value."  Samantha P.

 "I totally enjoyed this course... it is very straightforward and to the point. Thank you Daniella for you sweet teachings... Love and Light to you ... Louise

"This is a very soothing course that gently explains cleansing practices and the importance of safety. I'm enjoying it very much." - Tara

 "Easy understandable instructions for each step. Each lesson is not too long if you need to stop and come back to it."  Leslie C.

 "I like all of the suggestions for preparing for a cleansing. Some I had not heard of before like at tuning to the ritual items that would add a lot to the cleansing.
I loved this course, Daniela is a fantastic teacher, very engaging, I learnt a lot from this course, thank you very much. <3 "- Holly B

Love the short video format! Great info, highly recommended!
"Daniela is a Pro, and a pleasure to watch as a teacher. She has a big Heart, and a beautiful smile. This is a great course that will come in handy to help me and my work space stay positive! Take this course now... It's awsome!"


Thank you
"Very informative. I think the speaker is also very positive and full of love and she has taught me how important it is to have positive intention and to organize our environments. "

Kev K.

Simple and peaceful
I loved how you kept it simple and it was was very peaceful to watch :) 


Daniela Hills

I've been involved in the awesome realm of spiritual growth for many years in Germany, and now in Canada. I worked together with lots of people, one on one, in groups and online.

I teach Shamanic Healing methods, like Soul Retrieval, Aura Balancing, Shamanic Journeying, Trance Dance, and other shamanic methods.

I also practice and teach Past Life Regression, Reiki, Intuition Courses, Mediumship Readings, Trance Healing, Energy Grid Activation, Angel Readings, Space Clearings, and other healing methods.

I am also the Founder of the WhiteLight Self Empowerment System, and the Healing Grid Connection, both are known worldwide.

Private: I was born on the 4th of February 1965 in East Germany. I live since 2005 in Canada, Calgary. I am a wife, mother of 4 kids, stepmother of one kid, and I am also a Grandmother of 4 grandchildren. My native language is German, and I had to learn English, when I was 40 years old. I hope you like my German accent :)

Many Blessings


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