Shamanic Journeying To The Upper World

Advanced Shamanic Journeying - The River Of Time

Welcome to an exciting new adventure in the world of shamanic journeying!

In our previous courses, we delved into the Under World, uncovering Power Animals, Shamanic Symbols, and Lost Souls.
But now, it's time to ascend to new heights as we explore the mysteries of the Upper World.

In the beginner's course, "How to do a Shamanic Journey to Find Your Power Animal," I introduced you to how to travel to the Upper World to make contact with beings from that realm and seek their insights. However, the Upper World has even more to offer, and that's what we'll uncover together in this course. 

Prepare to embark on a journey along the River of Time to reveal the secrets of your past, present, and potential futures, opening doors to deep healing and insights about your life.

The River of Time, a concept not widely known among shamanic practitioners, symbolizes our journey from life's beginning to its end. Think of it as your personal timeline.

Throughout this course, I'll guide you through a straightforward method that you can seamlessly integrate into your shamanic practice.
With this technique, you'll be able to travel back through time and space, pinpointing the root causes of specific issues.

Why is this so essential? At times, the solution to a problem isn't found in the Under World or Middle World; we may need to journey to the Upper World.

By journeying to the Upper World and working with the Timeline or River of Time, you can focus on a particular problem, revisiting and transforming past experiences. This transformation will ripple through your present and future, bringing healing and insights.

If you're curious about exploring this further and diving into the mysteries of the River of Time, or Shamanic Timeline, let's start the journey together.

Please note that this course assumes you have a solid foundation in shamanic journeying techniques. If you haven't already, make sure to check out my previous courses, especially 'How to Do a Shamanic Journey.' We won't be revisiting the basics of shamanic journeying in this course, allowing us to dive deeper into the fascinating work of traveling to the Upper World along the River of Time.

Another Note: Shamanic practices are deeply rooted in various cultures and traditions. Shamanic practices and beliefs, especially those related to the concept of time, can vary widely across cultures and individual practitioners. This course is a starting point, and as always, personal exploration and discretion are essential. Approach with respect, caution, and integrity.  

Are you ready to begin this transformative adventure? Let's set forth on this exciting path together!

Course Curriculum

Course Content Highlights

Dive into a comprehensive learning experience with our meticulously crafted course, featuring:  
Engaging Video Tutorials: Journey through a series of videos offering step-by-step guidance on how to navigate the mystical River of Time. These tutorials are designed to make your learning process both enlightening and enjoyable.  
Certificate of Completion: Upon finishing the course, you'll be rewarded with a downloadable certificate, symbolizing your understanding and proficiency in working with the River of Time. This certificate serves as a testament to your dedication and newly acquired skills.  

Join us for this transformative experience and expand your horizons in the art of Shamanic Journeying.

Please be aware that the course is continually evolving. I'm committed to updating and enhancing it, especially in response to any questions that arise. Your feedback and inquiries will help shape this learning journey!

Shamanic Journeying To The Upper World

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Daniela Hills

I've been involved in the awesome realm of spiritual growth for many years in Germany, and now in Canada. I worked together with lots of people, one on one, in groups and online.

I teach Shamanic Healing methods, like Soul Retrieval, Aura Balancing, Shamanic Journeying, Trance Dance, and other shamanic methods.

I also practice and teach Past Life Regression, Reiki, Intuition Courses, Mediumship Readings, Trance Healing, Energy Grid Activation, Angel Readings, Space Clearings, and other healing methods.

I am also the Founder of the WhiteLight Self Empowerment System, and the Healing Grid Connection, both are known worldwide.

Private: I was born on the 4th of February 1965 in East Germany. I live since 2005 in Canada, Calgary. I am a wife, mother of 4 kids, stepmother of one kid, and I am also a Grandmother of 4 grandchildren. My native language is German, and I had to learn English, when I was 40 years old. I hope you like my German accent :)

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