How I started Shamanic Journeying, and how I found my Power Animal

How I started Shamanic Journeying, and how I found my Power Animal

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Thank you so much for being interested in reading more about my personal story. 💜

Hi, my name is Daniela, and I want to personally welcome you, to my online school, and my world.

I would like to tell you my story about what happened to me when I learned Soul Retrieval.

Before I learned anything, my teacher did a shamanic Journey for me to bring back parts of my Soul. 

I was in the process of learning soul retrieval. This is a shamanic journey that helps you find parts of the soul that are missing, and to bring them back.

I observed my teacher, as she prepared herself for the journey. She turned on the stereo, and the loud drumming music started to play in the background. Then she laid down beside me. She covered her eyes, and I had to cover them as well. She took my hand, and started to journey for me.

After the session, she said: “Daniela, you can not go on a journey alone by yourself. You have to first learn how to do it, and this will take awhile.” 

I agreed to follow her advice...

But I couldn't wait to learn more! It seemed like I had to wait a long time. Me and waiting!

Soon, I thought, I want to try to do a journey on my own. So I did one. Oops!

I had no Idea what I was doing, and I had no expectations.

At first, as I was lying on the floor, with my eyes covered, and listening to the music,
nothing happened.

I thought, mmm, this is boring.

Ok, I said in my mind, I want to find my Power Animal.

So I continued listening to the Shamanic drum beat, and suddenly I felt a bit uncomfortable, and a bit anxious. 

Suddenly I felt like I was falling down a hole, deeper and deeper, and I have to admit, I was pretty surprised, and a bit scared; but not scared enough to stop. 

My eyes where closed and covered, but somehow I could see in the dark.
Everything was moving extremely fast around me, and it felt like I was being sucked down into this hole.

Then it felt like I had landed somewhere. And there I saw a part of an animal, and then again another part of the same animal, and so on. (Sorry, I won’t tell you what animal it is). 

I didn’t know what it meant. Everything went so fast, I didn't know what was happening.
I just thought: I should have listened to my teacher. I should not have gone on my first journey before learning more.

Then I felt like the drums where forcing me to run around. I didn't know I was in the Under World. It looked like a dark forest. 
All this didn't take long, and soon the rhythm of the drums called be back into this reality. 

I opened my eyes. It was amazing, but I had no Idea what just happened, and that I just found my Power Animal.  

It's hard to describe how I felt at that moment. 

Afterwards, when I was reading about it, I discovered that this was actually the way it was supposed to be, when you do a shamanic journey to find your Power Animal. And I understood, that I had found my Power Animal during my first Shamanic Journey, when I had no idea what I was actually doing!

By the way: I never told my teacher about this experience.😂

After that, Shamanic journeying was always easy for me to do.

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Because of this experience, I learned how important it is to let it happen. 

If I would have tried to control this experience, I would certainly still be trying to find my Power Animal today.

Shamanic Journeying really helped me on my Spiritual Journey. 

I learned to let go of control. This is so important.

My third eye opened up more, and I learned to trust my intuition, and wisdom. 

But anyway, after this experience, I saw this animal everywhere.

One day, on my way to pick up my daughter from school, I saw this animal not far away, near the river as I was walking. It really seemed like it was following me from a distance. 
On my way back, the animal was still there, walking beside me, not far away again, along the river. 
My daughter was excited, and I was very grateful. The reappearing animal was a process, in which I integrated the energy of my Power Animal.

Since then, every time I was learning a shamanic healing method, I felt like I had done this before, maybe in a Past Life? Each process of learning was as if I had awoken old memories. 

Back in Germany, I was blessed to have a great teacher, but I also learned a lot from my Spirit Guides during Shamanic Journeying.

So let's awaken your memories too, or maybe create new ones, because you are learning Shamanic Journeying for a reason.

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Did you know that there is a difference between a Power Animal, and a Spirit Animal?
I will tell you the difference in my Shamanic Journeying course. 

Now you know a little bit about how I found my Power Animal :)
So now it's your turn :)