Tarot For Beginners, The STORY, And Why A Tarot Reading Is Not Set In Stone?

Tarot For Beginners, The STORY, And Why A Tarot Reading Is Not Set In Stone?

Tarot For Beginners

Tarot for beginners may seem daunting because there is a lot to memorize

By Michael Hills:

When learning tarot for beginners one of the biggest hurdles might be trying to learn each individual card. This is good to do, but the hardest part is learning to let go and trust your intuition.

When I was younger I thought that anything that could not be proven in a laboratory was not real.
This is before I met Daniela.
She showed me that there is a spiritual place beyond STORY.
I'll explain what I mean by STORY in a second.

But this got me thinking, to the point where I had to question everything about my preconception of reality.

I found myself spiralling down the rabbit hole of uncertainty.
Through various attunements into Reiki and Ra-sheeba, Daniela helped me to break out of the trap of logic, which I was caught in at the time.
I began to realize that nothing is set in stone.
There are no facts, only interpretations.
Life is subjective.

Everything is based on a STORY, and stories are inventions.

Both science and religion are based on stories.
The only way humans can communicate is through storytelling. Even in conversation we tell each other stories about our daily experiences.
Everything from a nursery rhyme, to a technical manual are in essence stories.
A tarot card reading is no exception, it automatically becomes a story through explaining the reading.

The problem is when we think that a STORY is fact

Because even the stories in science change.
They change all the time, as we try to explain the mystery of life through experiments;
It begins as a thesis, which again is a story.
A scientific paper is actually an adventure story of exploration, embarking on a journey to find a new, promising fact, which will benefit humanity.
A tarot reading is not set in stone either.

A tarot reading is an adventure story about your life, and who you will become
Yet, it's just a guide for the reader, and the one being read for.
A reading will show you where your future may take you, if you stay on your current path.

This means tarot reveals your conscious and unconscious beliefs and thoughts, which you can change, luckily, to determine your future.

Tarot is an unusual way of telling a story, because a good reading is done with logic, combined with  intuition.

This is what I mean about going beyond STORY.
Story is purely based on logic.
When you learn to trust your intuition, you are connecting to the spirit world, which simply exists without logic.
If a tarot reading points out to you that the path you are on is the wrong path for you, know that the path is not set in stone!
Your conscious and unconscious beliefs and thoughts will dictate your future, but you can change them!
You can take a different path at anytime, and write a different story of your life.
Daniela and Lina have created a great tarot for beginners course, which will get you started in trusting your mind and  intuition.
Start tarot for beginners now!

Let's look into the cards, to get guidance and wisdoms.
But remember, Tarot card Readings are not written in Stone!

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