Why Tarot Readings Differ: Embracing Unique Interpretations

Why Tarot Readings Differ: Embracing Unique Interpretations

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Let's talk about Tarot Card interpretations :)

Have you ever wondered why different Tarot readers interpret the same cards in diverse ways?

My Journey from Insecurity to Curiosity - A Personal Experience

When I first learned Tarot from a professional reader in Germany, she asked me to do a reading for her. Nervously, I shared my interpretation of the cards, striving to craft a coherent reading. As we discussed it, she revealed her own interpretation, which often slightly differed from mine. This left me feeling insecure but also curious about why our perspectives weren't the same.
Over time, I realized that every Tarot reader has their own 'Tarot language,' as I like to call it. In this post, we'll explore some of the factors that lead to these different, or let's say, unique interpretations.

1. Backgrounds and Experience

Each Tarot reader brings their own life experiences, cultural backgrounds, and beliefs to their readings. For instance, a reader with a very spiritual or psychological background might use the cards as tools for self-reflection and personal growth. Alternatively, a reader with a deep understanding of folklore might view the cards through a cultural or mythological lens.

2.  Variety in Tarot Imagery

The visual representation of Tarot cards can greatly influence their interpretation. Each deck features unique artwork that embodies the artist's personal perspective, cultural influences, and symbolic decisions. For instance, the traditional Rider-Waite deck might convey meanings differently than a deck with abstract or minimalist art. 

3. Personal Connection to the Cards

A Tarot reader’s connection with their deck or specific cards can significantly influence their reading. Over time, readers form personal relationships with their cards, leading to highly individualized interpretations based on their unique experiences and emotions.

4  The Meaning and Context of the Reading

The interpretation of Tarot cards is heavily influenced by the context in which they are read. The same card can have vastly different meanings depending on the question asked, the situation of the querent, and the surrounding cards in the spread.

To illustrate how different Tarot readers can interpret the same cards differently, here are two interpretations of a three-card spread for the question: "How will my next month look like?"  

Reader 1 Interpretation:  
Three of Wands:  Interpretation: The Three of Wands suggests that the upcoming month will be a period of growth and expansion. You have set your plans into motion and are now waiting for results. Expect opportunities to arise, especially related to travel or broadening your horizons. There is a sense of optimism and anticipation in the air.
Two of Swords:  Interpretation: The Two of Swords indicates a time of decision-making. You might find yourself at a crossroads, needing to make a choice that you've been avoiding. It's important to weigh your options carefully and seek balance. Trust your intuition to guide you through this period of uncertainty.

Four of Wands:  Interpretation: The Four of Wands represents celebration and stability. By the end of the month, you will experience a sense of accomplishment and joy. This card often signifies events such as gatherings, celebrations, or achieving a significant milestone. It’s a positive end to the month, filled with harmony and satisfaction.

Summary: Next month will start with opportunities for growth and expansion, followed by a need to make an important decision. By the end of the month, you will find yourself celebrating and enjoying stability.  

Reader 2 Interpretation:  
Three of Wands:  Interpretation: The Three of Wands suggests that the next month will be about looking forward and planning for the future. You are on the right path, and your past efforts are beginning to show results. This is a good time to set long-term goals and think about where you want to go next.

Two of Swords:  Interpretation: The Two of Swords indicates that you might face a situation where you need to make a difficult choice. There could be a feeling of being stuck or indecisive. It’s crucial to take the time to gather all the necessary information before making a decision. Don’t rush; clarity will come with patience.

Four of Wands:  Interpretation: The Four of Wands signifies a period of joy and celebration. It suggests that your hard work will pay off, leading to a sense of stability and happiness. This card often relates to home and community, so expect to spend quality time with loved ones and perhaps celebrate a special occasion.

Summary: The next month will involve forward planning and setting new goals, facing a significant decision with patience, and ending with joyful celebrations and a sense of stability.

Describing the Differences Between the Interpretations

Both readers interpreted the same cards, but their perspectives highlight how unique experiences and backgrounds shape Tarot readings.

Three of Wands:
Reader 1 sees this card as a sign of immediate growth and expansion, focusing on opportunities and optimism in the short term.

Reader 2 interprets it as a time to plan for the future, emphasizing the importance of setting long-term goals and reflecting on past efforts. 

Two of Swords:
Reader 1 views the card as a prompt for decision-making, urging to trust intuition and find balance during a period of uncertainty.

Reader 2 also sees a decision-making process but stresses the importance of gathering information and not rushing, highlighting patience and clarity. 

Four of Wands:

Reader 1 interprets this card as a symbol of celebration and stability by the end of the month, with a focus on harmony and significant milestones.

Reader 2 sees it as a sign of joy and celebration resulting from hard work, with an emphasis on community and spending quality time with loved ones. 

This example shows how different Tarot readers can see the same cards in unique ways, adding depth and variety to the readings. Each reader's special perspective can give you valuable insights, helping you understand your situation from different angles. By appreciating these differences, you can make your own Tarot practice richer and provide more thoughtful readings for your clients.

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My Approach

Personally, I integrate all these elements into my readings. I consider the numbers, meanings of the suits, my initial impressions, the general meaning, elements of transpersonal psychology, spiritual knowledge, and rely on my intuition to guide me through the interpretation process.

Suggestion for Beginners

If you are new to Tarot readings, don’t worry about how other readers interpret the cards. It can be frustrating when your interpretation differs from another's, especially when you are starting out. Remember that each reader develops a personal connection to the cards, influenced by their experiences, knowledge, and beliefs. 

Conclusion:  Understanding why Tarot readings vary so greatly can be as enlightening as the readings themselves. By embracing these differences and learning from them, you can enrich your own practice and offer more nuanced readings to your clients. Whether you're a novice or an experienced reader, remember that each card opens a doorway to a myriad of possibilities, shaped by your personal perspective

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