Tarot Card of the Day

🦋 Learn the Tarot Card meanings by reading your daily Tarot Card


Hi, my name is Daniela, and I want to personally welcome you, to my online school, and my world.

 One way of learning the meaning of each Tarot Card is through drawing and reading one card each day. 

Of course, learning the meaning of the cards by only doing this will take a long time, but it is one way of supporting your progress when learning Tarot.

It is important to have a Tarot Journal when you practice this method, because you should write down what card you have drawn, and your impressions at this moment when you look at the cards. 

TIP: Here is how you can do this:

For a moment be aware of your thoughts, feelings, body and so on.
Then draw 1 card with the intention to draw a card that will reflect your day today, or tomorrow, if you prefer to do it in the evening.
Look at the card, and know that everything that comes to you now, has to do with your day.  
What does the card mean to you?  
What stands out for you in the picture?  
Maybe a specific color, person, or symbol?
What does it mean to you?  
Be aware of your thoughts, feelings, memories, how your body feels like, and so on.
Write everything down.
What does the picture remind you of?  
What does the picture tell you?  
What do the characters of the card want to tell you?
After you have written down your impression, you can write down the general meaning of the card as well.

The written process should not take longer than a few minutes. Keep it simple. In the evening, get out your Tarot Jornal and compare it with your day. Take notes, so that you can refer back at any time. 

For example, my Card of the Day this morning was Page of Wands.
I used the Golden Universal Tarot today:)
In my journal I wrote down:  
There will be an active energy today, a lot to do, it could be a bit stressful, but I am ready.  The general meaning is: temperamental, hectic atmosphere, rushing, to high expectations.  Now, in the evening, I compare the card of the Day with my day.  I had indeed a lot to do today, but I enjoyed it, because I got things done. Of course I didn't really take time to relax today, so the Page on the card is reminding me to do this now.  When I look at my surroundings today, I also notice that my family members were very busy as well. For example: My daughter had school in class, then came home and had online classes, and after this she went working.   

So, I hope you get the idea, and that you will have fun with this method of learning the meaning of the Tarot cards. 

Thank you for being here. Love and Light to you always.