Can you draw the problems or sickness from your clients into your life?

Can you draw the problems or sickness
from your clients into your life?

Daniela Hills -

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Can you draw the problems or sickness from your clients into your life unwillingly?
This is a very important question

Sometimes I hear spiritual healers saying: 
When I give a healing session, I often feel awful afterwards.
Or: I often get the same illness or problems as my client.

Why does this happen? The healer wants to help, but as a result they feel out of balance, or sick?

When I hear healers saying this, I ask the following question:

What is the balance between giving and receiving? What do you get for your work?

Guess how they ALWAYS answer? “I give my sessions for free.”

Is it the imbalance between giving and receiving that gets the healer sick?
I can say with confidence: yes! Most of the time this is the reason. 


Someone would like a session, but he says that he doesn't have enough money. I agree to help him, and that he can pay half price. I do this, because I want to help him out. This sounds fair, right?

But then, when he comes to the session, I see that he arrives in a very expensive car, and I realize that my client is not as poor as he claims.

Still, I might think: “Oh well, it’s ok, maybe he borrowed the car”, but my subconscious mind can receive it differently, like: “I feel he is taking advantage of my kind heart”

In addition, after the session, my client doesn’t respect the value of the session. I feel no gratitude in any form.

These thoughts, conscious or not, create blockages in my own energy, and this is why I, as a spiritual healer, can get out of balance or sick after giving a healing session.

But there is more to it. What happens to the client who gets the session for half price, or even for free?

His unconscious mind could respond like this: “I got a healing session, and paid very little, or nothing. I actually feel guilty, because I feel like I owe this person something.” His conscious mind is not aware of this, but the unconscious guilt is a blockage and affects the result of the session. The energy can not flow because of the imbalance between giving and receiving.

It is natural for our soul to give when we have received.

So what to do?

Always make sure that there is a balance between giving and receiving!
It doesn't always have to be money, you could ask your client for a different exchange, 
like referring some people to you.

If you really want to give something for free, then make sure that you have no expectations that your client is grateful in any form. Otherwise you will create blockages for your own energy.

And make sure that your client doesn't feel guilty and blocks himself from getting better.

Some people ask: How can you take money for the Universal Life Energy, which is free for everyone?

 The answer is simple: 
You don't pay for the Universal Life Energy, but for the healers time, love, knowledge, and the investments they made so that they can help you now.

Imagine that all your love and time is in a big pot, and everyone comes with a big spoon and takes some of your love and time, but they don't put something back into the pot. What will you do when the pot is empty?

I hope that makes sense, and that it helps you to be more aware about giving and receiving.