Has learning Reiki changed?

Has learning Reiki changed?

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Daniela Hills - gatelightelearning.com

Thank you so much for being interested in reading more about my personal story. 💜

Hi, my name is Daniela, and I want to personally welcome you, to my online school, and my world.

You may remember my story, when I told you about how I found Reiki, or Reiki found me.
If not, you can read about it here.

Learning Reiki Level 1 was such a great experience!

I learned Reiki in a class with 4 other people. The course went a full day, and I remember being a bit overwhelmed with all the new information about the Aura and Chakras, Reiki energy, self treatment and the treatment of others.

Each of us got 4 attunements. For me the first attunement was an unforgettable  experience.

I remember my heart pounding when it was my turn to sit on the chair for the attunement.

I had to close my eyes.

When Betina Maria, my Teacher, started with the attunement, I felt that the air suddenly change around me. Back then I didn't know that this was not the air, it was actually the energy surrounding me.

I couldn't see what Betina Maria did during the attunement, but my senses were heightened. It felt like someone was slightly touching my skin, but I knew it was not my teacher.

And suddenly, something unusual happened. Even with my eyes closed, I could clearly see a sun in my inner eye. The sun I saw looked like it was drawn by kids hands, and the feeling connected to this picture was just overwhelming.

After the attunement I had to lie down, so that the next person could get their attunement.

Listening to the music in the background, I felt very emotional, and tears rolled down my face like a waterfall. I felt embarrassed, because I normally kept my tears inside. 

I will never forget my first attunement, and I was glad that other people had a similar experience, and I was not the only one in tears either.  Not everyone was emotional like me, but I could see in their eyes, that something changed.

21 Days of Healing

After my Reiki level 1 class and attunements I had to give myself a daily Reiki Treatment for at least 21 days.

After the 21 days I finally could give Reiki to my husband. Giving Reiki to someone else was exiting to me. In the Reiki class I had learned how to do it, but I still needed to take out my Reiki book to follow the instructions. I was scared that I might do it the wrong way.

But I learned fast, that there is no wrong way, just the way of Love and Light

My Husbands First Reiki Experience In His Own Words

"It was unexpected. Or rather, I expected nothing. At the time Daniela was new to energy healing. I knew nothing about it at all. But I'm an open minded person, and I gladly allowed myself to be the subject of experimentation. 

My first reiki session was truly life changing, and eye opening. And I think my lack of knowledge and expectation played a huge roll in the experience I'm about to share with you. 

Often when someone has too much expectation, they are easily disappointed in the result, or worse still, they end up blocking the result altogether. 

My openness allowed the reiki energy to follow through me to the max! 

I went from "go ahead and do this," to "oh my god, what is that? What is happening? It's like my whole body is vibrating, its warm, relaxing, it's like, electricity... no, that's too aggressive, it's like a tingling. It's like my whole body is tingling. WOW!"

The session took more than 1 hour. It was deeply relaxing for me. And it was exciting to experience something like this for the first time.

Afterwards, I'm sitting beside Daniela, giggling like a silly school boy. 

I felt like something ugly and stifling had been released from inside of me. 

Later I learned that this is called a blockage. At first the release came in the form of laughter, pure childlike laughter. Then my legs felt like spaghetti. They had no hold, and I could hardly get up and walk. 

I guess this is why they say you should not drive after a session. 

But it wasn't over. The release of my blockages started to get nasty. 

Soon I got a bad headache that lasted for hours. I felt a bit dizzy, and then nauseous.

The funny thing is that I didn't mind it. I knew the cause was the reiki energy, which is for my highest wellbeing. And Daniela explained that this can be a normal reaction as my energies were realigning.

I went from, "Reiki? What's that? A session? Sure, go ahead," to "This is amazing! I want more, I want to know more!"

It was life changing!

Now I did not go down the spiritual path immediately, and so intensely, as did Daniela back then; but now, I practice reiki every single day.

I love it."

Reiki online courses

Three months after Reiki Level 1, I learned Reiki Level 2.

Back then you had to wait longer until you could move on with the next Reiki level.

These days you don't need to wait for 3 months to move on with Reiki Level 2. But still, I like to suggest that my students wait at least 21 days, and to practice Reiki everyday on themselves, even if it is just in the evening before they go to sleep.
But I am also ok if someone wants to move on faster.

The Reiki Level 2 course was different to the Reiki Level 1 course

Before I went to this class, I had to look for a picture of myself as a child. I didn't know why. 

The whole process was way more secretive (and expensive).

For Reiki Level 2 we also had to get a journal with a lock, because the symbols, and the knowledge, were not allowed to be shown to others who were not initiated into Reiki. 
(The little animation shows my Reiki Journal)

Of course, the symbols may not be secret anymore, but they are still very sacred.

The 3 attunements I received for Reiki Level 2 did not effect me emotionally as much, like the attunements for Reiki Level 1. But for me they felt more powerful.

I remember that the Reiki Level 2 course was very exhausting, because we had to learn how to perfectly draw all 3 Reiki symbols. And we had to remember them as well. My head was overload with information, and when I left the course, I had to let everything sink in. 

An online course makes it easier, because you can learn the symbols at your own pace. But still, my Reiki Level 2 course was a great experience in the end.

Reiki online classes

I was really surprised what I learned in Reiki Level 2.

  • Distance Healing
  • Room Cleansing
  • Healing of the Past
  • Sending Reiki to the future
  • Reiki Shower
  • Reiki Box
  • Crystals and Reiki
  • and so much more
Reiki Distance Healing

After the Reiki Level 2 course, I had to wait another 21 days, to focus on my own healing. 

I focused especially on the Healing of the Inner Child, because my childhood needed it big time.

This was a very important process on my spiritual journey. I could release so many blockages, and most importantly I learned to understand my parents, and I learned to forgive them.

After Reiki Level 2  
I had to wait for some time to do my Master/Teacher.

Waiting is not my strength, but this is how it was back then. But finally I could move on. I remember the exciting, monumental moment when my teacher said to me, "you are ready, now you can move on with the Master and Teacher Level. 

I had waited for this moment a long time, and it really felt great.

I loved the 3 Master attunements, because when I was sitting on my chair to receive them, I felt so much Love and Peace. 

After the attunement my training continued. Besides volunteering a lot, I had to create my own manuals for each level. 

And I had to organize and lead Reiki evenings, where people could come to get to know a short Reiki session, or to practice on each others if they were already practitioners.  

I also had to teach some friends as a final exam, before I could receive my certificate. 

As you can see, there was so much more to do, to become a Reiki Master / Teacher back then.

The way of passing on Reiki has changed over the years, because of the Internet.

We've moved on. This is ok.
Distance Learning and Distance Attunements has helped to spread Reiki around the world!

Now more people than ever know and practise Reiki. This has a positive impact on the world, and on each other.

Everything is so fast and stressful these days, and that is why Reiki can help to bring more balance into our lives, and into our families.

If you, as a Reiki practitioner, practice Reiki on yourself, you will be more in balance. And if you are more in balance, you will positively effect your family members, friends, and colleagues. 

These days there are many different Reiki Styles and Symbols out there,
and I have learned a lot of them. 

Beside Usui Reiki I have learned Shamballa Reiki, Karuna Reiki®, Violet Flame Reiki, Komyo Reiki Kai, and more.

All these different Reiki Systems offer new or different symbols, methods, ideas, frequency, or energy.

They are all awesome, and I like to use the different Reiki energy, symbols, and methods.
It's great to learn other Reiki system.
But still, it was important first to learn the traditional Usui Reiki, because most of the other Reiki systems are based on Usui Reiki, that you can learn online here.

Reiki Training

So, has learning Reiki changed?

The way of learning Reiki back then was slow, secretive and expensive. 
These days, things have sped up. 
Now anyone in the world can learn it online, especially if they have no other way of learning.

 It's just way more accessible, and reaches way more people. 
Reiki is growing! 
And the more it grows, the more people practise it, the better our world becomes. 

One Tip: If you learn Reiki, it does't matter if  you take a direct Reiki course, or an online Reiki course, just make sure your teacher has a Reiki Lineage.

Now you know a little bit about how my journey started. 
Reiki was a good start, but there is so much more to experience.