What are Attunements?

What Are Attunements?

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Everyone can practice energy healing, and there are many forms of energy healing, which also include one or more Attunments

What is an Attunement?

An Attunement is a spiritual practice, and you can understand it as a ritual, to help a person to connect to their spiritual source. Or you could say an Attunement means to be tuned into a specific energy.

This can be done through a ritual, but also through meditations.

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An Attunement can not really be described through a logical mind.
An Attunement, and of course any spiritual work, is an experience.

 A Reiki Master, for example, gives their students Reiki Attunements. This is a tradition, through which attunements are passed on from teacher to student.

With a strong intention, and the help of Reiki Symbols, the Reiki Master will first connect to the Source of Reiki, to become a Channel for the Universal Life Energy. 

Then the Reiki Master will perform a specific ritual on the student with the intention to help them to clear the Chakras, and the energy channels, so that they become a channel for Reiki. 

This means that the Reiki Master channels the energy through the Chakras of the students, to help to release any blockages. It is basically like an intensive Reiki session. My teacher compared it with a chimney sweeper, cleaning out the chimney.

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During the attunement the teacher might only concentrate on the ritual, but stays open for input from their Spirit Guides, through which they follow their intuition. This might also be the reason that there are differences in the Attunement Procedures.

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For some students an attunement can be a very wonderful, or emotional experience.

And if someone doesn’t feel a lot during an attunement, they often will have wonderful experiences later on, as long as they continue to use Reiki.

For example I had a Reiki class with 3 women, they were all friends. Two of them had intense experiences during the attunements, but one of them felt nothing. She was sad, that she couldn't feel anything during the attunements, but her friends did.

I told her that this is ok, maybe she needed to release some blockages first. I suggested that she gives herself Reiki everyday for the next 21 days.

She followed my advice. She contacted me a few times, telling me that she still could not feel anything, but she practiced Reiki every day, as I suggested. I told her to keep giving herself Reiki, and to stay open without having any expectations.

I told her: "If you have expectations, like you think this or that should happen, because others had this experience, then you might block yourself from having your personal experience with Reiki." 

On the 21st day of her Healing Period, she called me to say that she finally could feel the energy moving through her body. She was so happy about it. Soon she continued with Reiki Level 2,  and finally did her Reiki Master and Teacher with me.

After a Reiki Attunement, you will be able to channel Reiki to help yourself, and others as well.

But an attunement does not mean that you are suddenly a great Healer, one who can heal everything and anything.

An attunement will not make someone special, or even enlightened. This would be awesome, but to be a great energy healer you have to master yourself first.

An attunement is just the first step to help you to shift your consciousness. You still need to do the work. This means, practice what you have learned, be mindful, watch your thoughts, release blockages, accept your own shadows, and work on them.

Reiki is not the only spiritual practice that includes attunements. I have learnt many different healing methods, and a lot of them include similar attunements like for Reiki.

A good question: do you always need another person to attune you, for example, to Reiki?

From a traditional point of view, yes, you need someone who is a Reiki Master in the lineage of Reiki Masters, which leads back to Mikao Usui.

But if a child under 6 would like to learn Reiki, they don’t really need an attunement, because they are still very open and connected to the Source. They normally don’t have as many blockages like grownups do, and so it is natural for them to become a Reiki Channel.
I know this through my own kids. 

Some people believe you can attune yourself to Reiki.

I personally can not tell you if this works, because when I heard about it, I was already attuned to Reiki.

But still, I can imagine that this is possible, if you are a very mindful, positive person, who has a naturally good connection to yourself and the Source, and with your Spirit Guides. I think through specific mediations, and a strong intention, it is possible to attune yourself to Reiki.

But maybe you are not really attuning yourself, maybe your Spirit Guides will assist you in this case, a lot.

But to be a good energy healer, it is not all about the attunements anyway.

An attunement is just the first kick, like when I kick a ball, so that the ball starts rolling; but in order to keep the ball rolling, you need to do something.

So, if you received an attunement, and you don’t work with the techniques that have been taught to you, or you just fall back into your old routines, then you can not expect to be a great Reiki Channel.

But the good news is that if you did not practice Reiki for a while, you can always start from the beginning, without learning Reiki again, and without getting a new attunement.

Of course, it is helpful to get the attunement again, but it is not necessary. Simply start to work on yourself by giving yourself Reiki again, on a daily basis, for a while. This will help you to let go of blockages, and to restart your Reiki Channel.

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Maybe you know about my WhiteLight Self Empowerment System, which also includes 4 attunements, one for each level?

Like through Reiki, these attunements are there to help the students to release blockages. After each attunement the student still needs to work on themselves as often as possible, through meditations. And if they do this, they will experience the energy getting more intensive, because they are actively clearing out more and more blockages. In this way, they are becoming a better channel for the White Light.

In Trance Healing an attunement is also included, which actually comes from your Spirit Guides.

And I remember when I was practicing Shamanic Journeying, my attunement came to me through the experience of finding my Power Animal.

Can an attunement be dangerous?

Since an attunement comes from a place of love and light, and is for the highest and best wellbeing, attunements are not dangerous.  

Sure, they can shift your energy, and help to release blockages, and this is why some people might be cold after the attunement, or feel very emotional.

This passes by very quickly and normally leads to a feeling of inner peace, especially when you work with the energy afterwards.

Attunements can not harm you, and you can not attract bad spirits into your energy, like some people believe.

But nothing will happen unless you allow it to happen. If you feel like something bad happened after an attunement, for example you feel some negative energy, then this is most likely a shadow self, that you can now acknowledge, and work on it.

Attunements are there to help you, and not to harm you.

If someone wants to harm a person by attaching bad energy to them, they would not use an attunement to do so. There are other practices for that. And if someone does something bad to another person, then the person who did something bad will get back this bad energy in some form, because any negative wish or curse for others always starts in the person who sends the bad energy first. 

If you want to experience an attunement, then I have a tip for you.

You can get very powerful attunements from your own Spirit Guides, and from your own Soul.

How do you do this? Through Gratitude.

Meditate and send everyone love and gratitude. At the end, send your Spirit Guides your love and Gratitude too.

Don’t do it just once, do it everyday.

Imagine a Violet Energy Orb in your heart centre.

Put all your love and gratitude there, and send out a stream through your head, to your Spiritual Fathers, Mothers, Sisters and Brothers, to your Helpers and Guides, and if you like, to your own soul too.

Then be still for a while, just relax, and be aware of what will happen.

Thank you for reading. Love and Light to you always.