Shamanic Journeying - 6 Courses in 1 Bundle

Included: 5 Shamanic Journeying Courses & Bonus: Spiritual House Cleansing - All with Certificate

A New Way Of Learning Shamanic Practices

Come with me, and let's go on exciting Shamanic Journeys.

What are the requirements?

      • You'll need a bandana or just a scarf to cover your eyes. 
      • Have a blanket, and a small pillow
      • Maybe have another blanket to cover yourself if you get cold easily
      • Have a stereo (is preferred) or use an mp3 player with headphones.
      • Be open for new experiences

      • Drumming Music included
        Finding the perfect drumming music for shamanic journeying is not that easy. But don’t worry, I created drumming music for Shamanic Journeying for you, so that you don’t need to buy some for this course.

What is a Shamanic Journey?

A Shamanic Journey is a spiritual practice, and it is a way of exploring the spiritual realms, and making contact with spirits, spirit animals, power animals, lost souls, angels, ancestors, elders, or departed shamans.
It is a way of finding out more about yourself, or finding information, healing, wisdom, knowledge, and guidance with one’s personal life.

So why should you do a Shamanic Journey?

There are many reasons to do a Shamanic Journey.
If you feel drawn to Shamanism, and if you want to find out more about yourself, or finding answers to questions, then a shamanic journey will be very helpful.  Maybe you already tried to do this through a meditation, but it didn’t really work out for you.
Well, shamanic journeying is similar to a meditation.  A shamanic Journey will help to improve your meditation skills, and you will learn to see in the dark, which means, to see with your inner eye, or third eye.So don’t worry that you need to pack your suitcase to go on a shamanic Journey :)

Before I learned anything,

my teacher did a shamanic Journey for me to bring back parts of my Soul. (I teach Soul Retrieval too)
After the session, she said: “Daniela, you can not go on a journey alone by yourself. First you have to learn how to do it, and this will take awhile.”
I agreed to follow her advice…
But then I did something really stupid... Read more soon...

Finding your Power Animal
 "Thank you for this beautiful journey on how to find my power animal! Daniela is an amazing teacher that offers courses with compact information, yet in a simple way for easy understanding. Her teachings are very creative with hands on techniques that will bring you closer to your desired goals. I had the opportunity to meet and work with Daniela and from experience i can say that it will enhance your life with great benefit! I found my power animal and i work on implementing these gifts and teachings into my day to day life continuously to expand my knowledge and my spirit! Thank you Daniela! I will be back to further develop my spiritual path! :)"
Melanie Heinrichsdobler

I did something really stupid continued:

Of course, as soon as I got home, I thought, I could at least lie down, cover my eyes, and listen to the drumming music.

I had no Idea what I was doing. Nothing happened at first. It was actually boring.

But suddenly I felt strange.

My eyes were closed and covered, but I could see in the dark. Everything was moving extremely fast around me, and it felt like I was being sucked down into a hole.

I kept sliding down, deeper and deeper. It was uncomfortable, but I was too curious to stop.
Then it felt like I had landed somewhere.
I was in the Underworld. I saw an animal there; but that's another story for later.

So that’s how my journey began. I never told my teacher about this experience.

Does any of the following sound familiar?
I’d like to feel more in balance, and have my energy back.
I feel drawn to Shamanism, but I don’t know where to start.
I’d like to know my Power Animal, and how to work with it.
I know my Power Animal already, but I am not sure if it is really my Power Animal, and how I can integrate it in my life.
I’d like to find a way to open my third eye more, and to develop my intuition.
I’d like to know how to connect to Spirit Guides.
I’d like to meditate, but nothing really worked for me.

If you said "Yes" to any of the above, then you are at the right place.

6 Courses in 1 Bundle

How To Do A Shamanic Journey

Learn step by step, how to enter the the Middle World, the Under World, and the Upper World.
Learn how to find and bring back your Power Animal
Learn what else you can do on a Shamanic Journey

Bonus: Sacred Earth Meditation Music
- with Certificate - 

    Advanced Shamanic Journeying: Power Animal Retrieval

    Learn how to find and bring back your friends or clients Power Animal
    - with certificate

      Advanced Shamanic Journeying: Shamanic Symbols

      Learn how to find Shamanic Good Luck Symbols
      - with Certificate -

        Soul Retrieval

        Learn how to bring back Soul Fragments for yourself and your friends or clients.
        - with Certificate -

          Shamanic Dancing

          Learn Shamanic Journeying through dancing and breathing.
          - with Certificate -

            How To Do A Spiritual House Cleansing

            Learn how to do a spiritual cleansing to create a Sacred Place in your home or workplace.
            - with Certificate -

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