Reiki Level 1 Refresher Course

Reiki Level 1 Refresher Course

This is for Reiki practitioners, who want to refresh their Reiki Level 1 knowledge - Certified online course

Are you already a Reiki Level 1 practitioner, but would like to refresh your knowledge, or simply want to learn how and what we teach in our class? 
Then this course is for you.

Our course teaches  all about Reiki, including Aura and Chakra teachings, Reiki Session, Chakra Cleansing and Balancing, Reiki History, Reiki and Animals, Reiki and Food and much more.

This course doesn't include the necessary Reiki Attunements to become a Reiki Practitioner. If you want to be a certified Reiki Practitioner, please enroll in our Reiki 1 online Course, or find a teacher in your area.
If you have already enrolled in our certified Reiki Level 1 Course, then you won't need to enroll in this course, because you have all the information already.

Check out the Course Curriculum

Lina And Daniela Hills

Lina is a Reiki Master,Teacher, and she practices Reiki since she was 3 years old! Lina is a Theta Healing Practitioner, and does intuitive Angel Readings.

Daniela teaches Reiki since 2002. She also practices and teaches lots of other healing modalities. She does Non-hypnotic Past Life Regressions, Shamanic Healing, Mediumship, Space Clearing, Trance Healing, and she is the Founder of the WhiteLight Self Empowerment System and the Healinggrid-System.

We’re going to take on all the risk, and give you our "Reiki Guarantee".
 If you’re not happy within viewing 30% of the course material, we’ll refund you the total amount you paid. And we’ll give you 30 days to decide. You get to discover whether this is the right course for you! Does that sound fair? You have nothing to lose! (For further details read our Refund Policy)
 (VAT not included. VAT applicable to EU customers only)

Note: No attunements included.
$27 CAD, but right now only $17.77 CAD :)
Note: These techniques are also included in our Certified Reiki Level 1 online Course.