I thought I was a victim

🦋 I thought I was a victim

Reiki Distance Healing

Hi, my name is Daniela, and I want to personally welcome you, to my online school, and my world.

I'm a different person today than before my spiritual journey began.
  Just by learning Reiki I became more self confident.  

I was a very shy person.
  If things got tough, I would recede into myself, and I became smaller to the world.   I didn’t like to say what I was thinking.   I kept it all to myself, which ultimately wasn’t good for my health. 

Before learning Reiki, two of my colleagues started to bully me at work.

This situation lead me to Reiki, and Reiki helped me a lot to be more confident, to take action, to stop my colleagues bad behaviour.

I didn't like doing it, but I had to report the bullies to HR. I no longer wanted to be a victim, and taking this step helped.  

But of course, there was always a strange energy between me and them.  

Thankfully, after I became a Reiki Master a big positive shift happened!  

TIP: This is what I did (and you can try it out too, if you're already a Reiki Master): 

Before I went to work, I drew the master symbol above my head, or in front of me, and brought the energy with my hands into my Aura, to be connected, and one with the Divine Light.  

Somehow, the energy between me and my colleagues changed after that.

They actually felt guilty, when I left my secure job, so that I could teach Reiki full-time.

This spiritual stuff worked for me in a big way. 

I’ve learned a lot about myself at that time, and I was actually grateful for my colleagues.

Why? Because they pushed me to start my spiritual journey on a larger scale. I learned a lot about Karma, and studied transpersonal psychology, past life regression, and so much more.

The cumulative effect of all of this spiritual growth changed me in an epic way. Not only did I learn about myself, and about how other people influence me, but I also learned that I needed to fundamentally change my thought patterns.

I don't need to be a victim! 
I chose to work on myself, my thoughts and actions. Reiki and Ecology of Thought (How to create Karma you love) are some of the courses which helped to change my inside world.

And you know that lots of teachings say: changing the inside world will change the outside world.

I have come so far in my life: from being a quiet, timid victim, to a spiritual adviser, and teacher.

This NEVER would have happened if I hadn't learned Reiki, and a lot about Karma, and all the other methods to improve life.

What about you? 

Thank you for being here. Love and Light to you always.