When My Dad Rolled His Eyes, Because Of Reiki

When My Dad Rolled His Eyes, Because Of Reiki

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Hi, my name is Daniela, and I want to personally welcome you, to my online school, and my world

One day, after learning Reiki level 2, I visited my parents.
I was excited to tell them about everything that you can do with Reiki.

My dad was already annoyed, I could tell :)

I asked my dad if it's ok if I create a Reiki Shower over the couch in the living room, because he was always sitting, or lying there when he wanted to relax. He said: "Sure", and rolled his eyes.

So I started to do my thing, I used the Power Symbol, the Distance Symbol, and I included the Emotional Symbol as well.

If you don't know how it works, you will learn this in our Reiki Level 2 Course.

Anyway, 3 days later my dad called me, and complained.

He said: "Take this "Reiki Thing" away! Every time I want to sit on the couch, I fall asleep! And the dog! The dog pushes me away, because she wants to sit there now too!"

Of course, I was laughing, and I told him, that I will not take this "Reiki Thing" away.
Instead I'll refresh the Reiki Shower for him with distance Reiki. My dad was laughing, and I knew, that he actually liked it.  

You have to know that my dad appears very skeptical with all of this spiritual stuff I'm doing.
But in reality, he is very sensitive to energy, and deep inside he knows, there is something to it :)

Creating a Reiki Shower is one of my favourite techniques in Reiki Level 2. 

I have, for example, a Reiki Shower over my chair in the living room. When I sit there, right away I feel relaxed, and it's the perfect place for a meditation. And if my body needs to rest, I fall asleep for a little power nap.

The funny thing is that when my friend comes over, she automatically goes to my chair to sit there, and then she asks me, why she gets so tired every time she comes over :)

I love Reiki stories, do you? Thank you for tuning in again, so take a bit of time and create a Reiki Shower over your favourite place. If you don't know how, then it's time to check out our Reiki Level 2 course.

If you're already a Reiki level 2 practitioner, and you have learned Reiki with us, then you know how to create a Reiki Shower. Remember, you can always log in again, go to "My Courses" and refresh your knowledge.

If you didn't learn with us, because you had a different teacher, then you can check out our course "How to work with the Reiki Level 2 Symbols", where you can find all the techniques that we teach in our Reiki Level 2 course. Have fun

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Thank you for reading. Love and Light to you always.