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Trance And Trance Healing, What's The Difference?

What is a trance?

A trance state can filter the information, which comes through the senses, it can influence the way the brain functions, and consciousness itself. And Trance Healing uses the trance state.

In this way trance states allow the practitioner to tap into the unconscious mind to help relaxation, open up intuition, inspiration, and healing.

Trance is not a reduced state of consciousness, as one might think. It is an altered state of consciousness, which, in terms of trance healing, allows you to connect to your spirit guides.
How Can Trance Healing Show You How To Connect To Your Spirit Guides? Learn About Trance Mediumship

Daniela's Trance Healing course will show you how to connect to your spirit guide, as she teaches you about trance mediumship.

Connecting to your Spirit Guides, and working with them is what this trance healing course is all about.

You will learn how to connect to your spirit guide, and how to be a Medium for healing energy, coming from the spirit world, through trance mediumship...