Spiritual Articles, Deep Dive Into Intuition

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Intuitive Thinking During An Outbreak, But Not When I Go Shopping, Why?

Intuitive thinking is an odd thing. Normally you would think that someone who is an Intuitive thinker would always be so. But it's not true.

I know from experience.
Psychic Intuition: What Is It?

Psychic Intuition: a Psychic is a person who is sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception. This means that psychic abilities go beyond intuition.

However, Psychics also need to use their intuition, and they often use tools, like tarot cards, coffee grounds, pendulums and so on to connect to this insight.
Trust Your Instincts? Why Wouldn't You? Instinct vs Intuition!

You really have no choice then to trust your instincts.

Instinct is a part of who you are. The bigger questions is: do you trust your intuition?

Instinct and intuition are not the same thing.
Intuition Meaning, What Is It Really?

Mystics think that intuitive people are sensitive in communicating to what they call the universal mind. 
Intuitive Empath, What Kind Of Person Is This?

Intuitive empath cares for other people, and desires to help them. They experience emotions that match another person's, and understand their feelings.

How to read tarot cards for beginners, without learning each card on its own

When Daniela shows students how to read tarot cards for beginners they wonder how this is possible without learning each of the 78 cards on its own, using simple techniques. Just let me say that this it works! And you'll be amazed.