How to read tarot cards for beginners, without learning each card on its own

 How To Read Tarot Cards For Beginners

How to read tarot cards for beginners, without learning each card on its own

without learning each Card on its own

How to read tarot cards for beginners, without learning each card on its own

By Michael Hills:

When Daniela shows students how to read tarot cards for beginners they wonder how this is possible without learning each of the 78 cards on its own, using simple techniques. Just let me say that this it works! And you'll be amazed.

But first, a few years ago I tried to do my own Tarot reading to see if I would get laid off. It told me I would soon see new opportunity. It was a bit vague and scary.

I didn't like the Tarot reading I did.
The future was still very unclear in this reading.
So would I be laid off?
Who knows!
My tarot card reading only made things more suspenseful, and my worry only grew.
Yes, the reading was bad.
The way I interpreted it was that a new opportunity could mean anything.
Being laid off could be a new opportunity, but a frightening one, right?
If I got a new job, what if it paid poorly?
Or would I keep my old job, but be asked to do more work to cover the people they laid off? Would this burn me out?
Both seemed negative to me
I concluded that it's more trouble than good to do an uneducated reading. I should’ve left the reading for the experts to do like Daniela.
Her advice is always great!

She told me that Tarot is never set in stone. It should only be used as a guide to see where my future will lead me, if I stay on that path. This has a lot to do with your unconscious and conscious thoughts and beliefs.

"Your reading was good," she said, "just learn to observe your thoughts, and if they are not benefiting you, then change them to your benefit."Boom! She was right!

Everything turned out okay in the end.I kept positive, I kept my job, and ended up getting more money.I wish I had the opportunity to take Daniela’s easy Tarot course back then.

But Is There Really An Easy Way To Learn Tarot Card Readings?

To understand this first you must know a bit about Daniela's history, which you might be able to relate to.
Years ago, she bought many books about Tarot, or attended Tarot classes, with the hope that they would help her to easily understand how to read cards.
She told me that each book was great, she could read about the meaning, but she had a hard time remembering each card.
She always had to refer back to the books, which I can relate to.
So she was, like me, often confused, because the meaning of the cards were always a bit different in each of the books.
I can relate to this.
That's why she, with Lina, created this course for you!

They have an unusual Tarot course that’s going to show you an easier way of learning Tarot quickly and thoroughly, so you will remember, after some practise, the meaning of the cards almost instantly!

"I have taken many tarot reading classes and this is by far my favourite! Follow the course outline of the fools journey & take the time to do the meditations and journaling to build a personal relationship with each card. This way, you learn to “feel” the story the cards are telling you - rather than just memorizing the meaning of each card. An excellent course that will have you reading the Tarot in no time! Thank you Daniela & Lina for such a great course!"