How to make your own incense sticks for smudging

How to make your own incense sticks for smudging

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I would like to share with you how you can make your own incense sticks for smudging. This article is a part of my online course "How to do a spiritual house cleansing"


Smudging is one of the most used spiritual practices to get rid of, or transform energy in the room, but also for cleansing the energy around a person.
Sage is often used for this practice. I personally like Mugwort the best, but I also use incense sticks, because they are easy to use. Smudging with an incense stick is really helpful to transform unwanted energy in the room, and then to lighten up the room.

You can buy many different blends of incense sticks. But you can also make your own incense sticks infused with essential oils of your choice. What I like about it is that they are very fresh, and smell amazing, and natural. There is no extra perfume added, just essential oils.

This is how I do it:

I bought unscented incense sticks. I found some on, and I am happy with the purchase. Here is a link to the sticks I bought: Click here (note: this is an affiliate link)

 Before I use them, I take them in my hands with positive intentions by giving thanks to the material, and the manufacturer.

I lay the incense stick on a safe surface, like a dish, a plastic cutting board, or some plastic foil.

I choose my essential oil, or I mix different oils. I personally like Sandalwood, Frankincense, or Patchouli.

I hold the bottle with the oil for a short moment in my hands to give gratitude.

Then I gently sprinkle the essential oil all over the stick, until it is all covered with essential oil.

During this process my intention is that this incense stick will help me for my spiritual cleansing. For example: May this incense stick help to transform the energy, and to bring Love and Light into the room.

When this is done, I put my stick in an incense stick holder, or glass, and let it dry. The stick needs to dry for a few hours, maybe overnight, but I personally never wait that long. I already used it after an hour.

I reuse the dripping that is left on the dish by simply dipping another unscented stick in the leftover oil. I actually do more than just one stick at a time, because I use a lot of them. I like to use them when I do a spiritual cleansing, or just simply in my daily life to brighten up the energy in the room.

Note: I included this information in the course: How to do a spiritual house Cleansing" as well.

Thank you for reading. Love and Light to you always.