What Is Reiki Level 2, And The Reiki Level 2 Power Symbol, And Why Should You Learn It?

What is Reiki level 2 for you? I knew beginning? Better health, More power in your Reiki sessions through the reiki level 2 power symbol?

Reiki Level 2 Has Three Symbols, Including The Reiki Level 2 Power Symbol

What is Reiki level 2? For me the second degree opened the door to a whole new understanding of Reiki. It is the next step beyond Reiki level one, but it is a big step. It introduces the Reiki level 2 Power Symbol. But other than the Reiki Power Symbol, the other Reiki symbols level 2 are the Mental/Emotional, or Harmony Symbol, and the Distance Symbol. After learning these symbols I realized what I was capable of accomplishing through Reiki. These three symbols used individually, or combined, open the door to, in my opinion, hundreds of different ways to use Reiki for healing, balancing your life, and growing spiritually.

Reiki level 2 training is important for your further understanding of this energy systems true potential, and for your continued spiritual growth too. The Reiki 2 attunements are based on the traditional Usui Reiki symbols. So these are the original Reiki 2 symbols. After the initiation you will join Reiki healing practitioners all around the world, who know and use these powerful symbols in their daily lives.

So if you want to become a Reiki practitioner with higher qualifications, you should take Reiki certification classes.

what is reiki level 2

Reiki Level 2 Training

If you are thinking of delving deeper into the mysteries of Reiki, you are like me. You want to support your inner growth and spiritual development. Having more success and balance in your life is important to you. You want to broaden your skill and knowledge of one of the most widely used, oldest, and respected energy healing systems. Are you an explorer? Do you have the feeling that unleashing the healing energies of Reiki on a much deeper level will help you discover who you really are and your true potential?

In Reiki level 2 you are attuned to the three Reiki 2 symbols, and you learn their meanings, and how to let them be part of your daily life. You will also be shown special healing methods, which use both mental and distance healing.

Reiki Symbols Level 2 Are The Usui Reiki Symbols

Lina and Daniela teach the traditional Usui linage Reiki, and the symbols

In the Second Degree you are taught three symbols and their Mantras. With the use of these symbols, Reiki healing will become more practical and beneficial to you.

  • Your Reiki healing energy will flow at a stronger and higher vibration.
  • Your Reiki awareness will continue to expand through your experience and progress.
  • You will be able to use three powerful Reiki Symbols
  • Send Reiki to the past, the present, and the future
  • You will become more aware of the intensity, flow, and power of Reiki
  • Become more intuitive and psychic
  • Further changes, unique to you, will manifest themselves.
  • If you are like me, you will open up to the creative energy through your third eye chakra, and start experimenting and creating your own methods of useing Reiki for healing, etc.


Before you begin you should be prepared.

You should practice what you have already learned in level 1 Reiki. You need to have done Reiki 1, and be a Reiki practitioner first before you can learn Reiki level 2.

It is important to balance yourself with the Reiki energy first.

You can take as much time as you like before taking Reiki level 2. You need to adjust your body to the high vibration of the first degree attunements, that were set in motion.

Traditionally there is a 21-day cleansing process after you take Reiki one, before you should take Reiki two

Often this is overlooked, and some teachers even offer all three levels of Reiki in one weekend. I'm not saying this is wrong, but there is a reason for the cleansing period.

But some may even take a longer time to resonate with the high vibration of Reiki.

You might need to wait up yo 3 months between the first and second degree attunements. Some have taken the second degree years after the first.

If you are like me you will take some time to acclimatize, so to speak, to the Reiki energy, on a physical and spiritual level.

reiki level 2 power symbol

My energy was blocked

I had a lot of blockages, and I needed lots of self healing. But when I felt like I wanted to know the Reiki energy on a deeper level, I knew I was ready to learn the second degree.

Learning Reiki, attuning to the high vibrations, is different for everyone. You will know when it is time to continue on your personal spiritual journey. I needed to work a lot with the first degree energy before I could move on.

I needed to do this because if the first degree attunement had a strong effect on me, what would the second degree attunements do?

The second degree attunements are very powerful. They are very influential on both physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

They affect the physical body, and the chakras, or energy centres. On one hand, this will get the chakras going, including the sixth chakra, which enforces your ability to be more intuitive. But the first chakra is also effected, which can lead to a strong physical healing reaction, and might lead to overnight fever. So cleansing was important for me.

Thus, self treatment must become a routine at least two weeks before you learn Reiki level 2.

Becoming a Reiki healing practitioners of the second degree

In a regular face to face class you learn just like during an online course, in terms of being introduced to more areas of inner exploration of the self, and spiritual development.

You will use different methods for this.

Normally you will learn, and be attuned into the second degree over a weekend, or two days, or during four evening classes.

All classes last about three hours for four consecutive classes.

reiki symbols level 2

Reiki certification classes

Daniela and Lina's online course works like this: there is no time frame.

You decide. You can learn when you want, as quickly, or as slowly you need to.

when you are ready, you just let Daniela know, and she will arrange for your attunements.

The great thing about learning online is the ease of use, and convenience, and the access to the course material when ever you need it.

Their online curse includes detailed videos, which teach you everything you would learn in a face to face class. There are certification classes.

When you are done you will also get a certificate with a real Usui lineage.

Become Reiki Practitioner with power

The Reiki level 2 power symbol is one of the three symbols you will learn in the second degree Reiki course. Let's look at what just this symbol alone can be used for.

For the Usui system there are four symbols.

Three are learned in Reiki level 2, and the fourth is given when learning the third degree.

Each symbols is like a calligraphic drawing, which are used together with their corresponding mantras.

Each symbol is activated through the attunement process.

The Reiki energy flows effortlessly just with the first degree attunements, but adding the three symbols through the second degree adds power to Reiki healing, and makes its energy much stronger.

reiki level 2 training

So lets look at the first of the three symbols the Reiki level 2 power symbol

The Power symbols mantra can be translated like this: 'All the energy of the universe, be present.'

The Reiki level 2 power symbol is meant to bring the Reiki energy into the here and now, and supercharge it, so to speak.

In doing so, the practitioner is increasing the available energy. The power symbol can be used in conjunction with both the mental and distance symbol, or used on its own, depending on what you need to do.

I like to draw, and say the mantra of this symbol after I have activated the Reiki channel. Then I draw either the mental or distance symbol, or both, and then close the circle by drawing the power symbol again.

This will make the vibration of each symbol stronger. Some people draw the mental and distance symbol side by side, and then draw one big power symbol behind them to intensify their energy.

I don't think there is a right and wrong way here. Your intention is more important.

Try what works best for you, and be creative

There are many uses for the power symbol. I use it for simple treatments, or during manifesting meditations. Common uses are for centring yourself, or cleansing a treatment room.

To clear out unwanted negative energy in a room, you could draw one big Reiki Power Symbol in the air in front of you, then let the energy flow out of both palms of your hand, and direct it toward the area you want to be cleansed. Or just turn in a circle, allowing the energy to cleanse the entire room.

reiki 2 attunement

If you need to be centred, then draw the symbol in the air in front of and you walk into it, so you become one with it; and let the energy flow through your entire being, through your crown chakra, down to your root chakra, grounding yourself.

The reiki level 2 power symbol is a great all-purpose tool.

You can use it to change the energy of a place for the better. Cleanse your hotel room and bed, or keep the energy positive in a busy work place.

So you can draw the symbol small, or large to cover a workspace. Visualize it rotating in the space above the room, shedding positive light on everyone in the room, after saying to yourself the mantra three times.

It is also great for personal protection

If you are in a negative public situation, draw, in your minds eye, the symbol on all four sides, one above, and one below yourself, like a box, and each time say to yourself the mantra three times for protection.

Or if you want to protect someone else, visualize the symbol surrounding them, with the intention that these loved ones will be protected from harm.

You can protect your travels too, in a car, bus, train or plane. Draw the symbol around you as you travel, etc.

usui reiki symbols

But like I say, be creative

There are many ways to use the power symbol, it is up you to find out what works best on a personal level. But you can follow some of these traditional uses.

I use it in my daily life all the time now, and I use my intuition to guide me on how to use it best at any given situation.

I will centre my self with it. Use it to help the healing process for cuts, scrapes and bruises; or I use it to enhance the mental and distance symbol during a manifestation meditation.

Anything is possible, so have fun.

What is Reiki level 2 through Lina and Daniela's online course?

You can practice Reiki professionally with just the first degree, but this is not recommend. If you want to be a Reiki healer then take at least Reiki second degree, or beyond.


You Reiki energy will become way stronger, as you become a wider channel for the healing energy to flow through.

reiki healing practitioners

Also, you will learn more ways of healing people, and have the ability to heal them in deeper ways, not just on physical levels, but on the mental and emotional, and spiritual levels too.

You will know when you have met the right Master-Teacher

Select the Master-Teacher you feel drawn to.

Use your intuition.

Also look at their lineage, and the kind of Reiki training they have received. The right symbols and their dynamic use are important for effective results with the methods taught in Reiki level 2. True Reiki includes the inner growth of consciousness and spiritual development as part of healing. Is your teacher from a traditional lineage? This might be important to you.

What else does the class include?

Will also learn:

How to activate the Reiki Symbols

Spiritual Room Cleansing with the Reiki Symbols

Distance Room Cleansing

Distance Healing

Mental and Emotional Healing (Reprogramming)

Healing the Past, and the Inner Child

Programming Crystals to send healing to the future

Reiki Shower

Things like this.

reiki certification classes

Reiki 2 Attunement

Do Distance Attunements actually work?

If you learn the second degree Reiki online you will be getting distance attuments. But do distance attunements actually work?

A Distance Attunement works on the same principle like the Distance Healing method, that you can learn in Reiki Level 2.

The Master/Teacher uses Reiki Symbols to connect with the student on an energetic level, and does the attunements the same way as if the student would be in front of the teacher.

Based on experience and feedback, there is no difference between receiving attunements in person, or from the distance. But still, it is important to know that just receiving the attunements is not enough. It is important to learn the knowledge and principles of Reiki, and to practice on yourself first, before you start to work with others.

Also that distance attunements enable you to practice Reiki, you should make the effort and commitment to go through all the information provided in the course to ensure that you are working in accordance with the principles and methods of Reiki.

If you are a motivated individual then you can become a competent Reiki Practitioner after receiving the distance attunements.  The online course teaches you everything that is taught in person.

become reiki practitioner

How the Distance Attunements are done online?

Daniela and Lina  know, that life keeps us very busy, and it is not always easy to find the right time to receive the attunements, especially if there is a big time difference between you and them.

That is why they decided to offer you an easy way of receiving your attunements at your leisure.

They will set up an Attunement Depot (also called a Chi Ball) for you. The Depot Method, that you will learn here in Reiki Level 2, makes sure, that you get your full attunements within a time frame that fits to your schedule.

This is a common method around the world for Distance Attunements and Healing.

An Attunement Depot, is like a cosmic bank where the Reiki Master can "store" a healing session, or attunements for a person

You can imagine this like a cloud in the sky, that is full of energy, waiting to get activated by the receiver when ever they are ready.

You can activate your personal attunements any time you want.

In this course you will also find a meditation where Lina guides you through the attunements. You will know exactly what happens in each attunement.

Distance Attunements with appointments are possible as well, as long as it works with the time difference.

Do you get a certificate? At the end you will get a certificate for Reiki level Two. This certificate can be downloaded as a pdf-file after going through the course.

what is reiki level 2, reiki level 2 power symbol,

The Power of Reiki level 2, is not just in the Reiki level 2 power symbol

What is Reiki level 2 for you? It is you, discovering your personal power and potential, and putting it to good use. Do you want a new beginning, better health, balance and joy in your life? Do you want more power in your Reiki sessions through the Reiki level 2 power symbols? Why not start now and explore deeper into the mysterious world of Reiki: Click here Now!

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