Reiki Meditation I Created As A Reiki Healing Meditation, How Do I Do IT?

My Reiki Meditation is a combination of activating the Reiki symbols and their mantras, for a powerful healing reiki meditation.

Reiki meditation is spiritual meditation, and Reiki healing meditation

Reiki meditation is an effective compliment to a robust energy system. It is much like a meditation in purpose and outcomes.  It can be both spiritual meditation and Reiki healing meditation. I'm going to show you a Reiki meditation that I invented, which I do once or twice a day. I've had some success with it as well.

Originally Usui Sensei practiced Gassho meditation, using both hands, to support his daily Reiki practice. So Reiki is like a hands on meditation, and when, for example, you give someone distance Reiki this too is like a meditation.

Reiki meditation

Physical and spiritual healing can be your focus through meditation. Reiki is a form of meditation, but so is shamanic journey, yoga, chi gong, and trance healing. These are all based on meditation, and are more spiritual in nature.

But Reiki helps you to connect to your spiritual-self. It allows you to be more mindful, and focused on your energy, your aura and chakras. It also helps you to open up your third eye chakra, enhance your intuition, and find your inner-peace.

All of this can also be achieved through traditional meditation. So Reiki can be part of your spiritual healing, and part of the physical healing process too.

For example when you practice Reiki, you become very relaxed, like during a meditation, you release blockages, and ease pain. This positive effect becomes more apparent when you do Reiki on a regular basis, just like through meditation.

Usui's Gassho meditation was something he did two times a day.

 Gassho means, “two hands coming together”.

Reiki healing meditation

The point of this meditation techniques was to become quiet of logic, focused on the inner self, and centred in order to increase the strength and connection to the Reiki energy. This can be done through a guided meditation too, and it is a meditation for beginners. The way to do this meditation is simple. Just hold your hands together, over your heart, as if praying. And with all of your focus and attention going to the Reiki coursing through the hands and fingers, you concentrate just on this process.

This technique is not set in stone. You can experiment by adding symbols, or even Reiki meditation music. The most important thing is to follow your intuition. And pay attention to results. This is what I do, and I will now tell you about the Reiki meditations that I came up with.

My meditation, not for beginners

My Meditation is a combination of activating the Reiki symbols and thier mantras, (which you will learn at level 2) and listening to a guided, binaural beat meditation, with music. I consider this a Reiki healing meditation, but it is also very spiritual.

It allows me to heal the negative energy I have created in the past on a spiritual level, and this influences my physical world too.

The first thing I do is activate the Reiki energy. Then I draw the power symbol over my body and pull it into my aura. Then I draw the mental/emotional symbol over my body and pull it into my aura. Now I draw the distance healing symbol over my body, and pull it into my aura.

Finally I draw the power symbol over my body again, and pull it into my aura once more, sealing the energy in a loop before beginning. I thank the Reiki energy with the feeling of much gratitude.

Once the energy is active. I turn on the binaural beat guided music meditation, that covers many different themes, a new one each day. Themes like self confidence, intuition, creativity, success in different areas of life, are included. I pick the right meditation for the intention I have for that day, and let it play.


Once the guided part is over and the soft, inspiring music begins, this is when I focus on my intention to influence my life in a positive way. The effect is enhanced by the Reiki energy, which is turbo charged, so to speak, through the mantras and their symbols.

I focus on things like expanding my creativity and intuition, and supporting financial investments through particular projects.

Reiki meditation music

I believe we create our own reality, and through this regular positive flow of meditative energy each day, I have seen an increase in success for these important areas of my life.

It works, and the more I do it the better things work out in my life. The proof is in the outcomes. So pay attention to the results. Sometimes it might not work that well, and you need to change your strategy.

The important thing here is when I focus my attention, I don't just think or say in my mind, for example, "I am successful in my creative project," I feel it, I connect to it, and feel it, I see it, then I feel it; I feel that I am creative, and that my intuition is expanding, etc.

Other things you might want to consider are

If you are having problems, and you don't see the outcomes you would like, you can also ask the universe for help. Ask it to show you how to fix the issue you currently need support with.

You could try chanting the mantras as well, and drawing the symbols that your intuition is telling you to draw again.

Another thing to help you materialize your needs is to write a goal, and ask for clarification to come to you through the Reiki healing meditation.

Visualization is always good to do too

Images are powerful things to help program your subconscious. You can see in your mind the Reiki flowing out from yourself, into the room, then outside onto the property, and beyond into the neighbourhood. You can visualize it spreading out as far as it needs to go to touch and change the energy that needs transforming, in order to support you in a positive way for your life.

Reiki meditation music

Music can be very relaxing in itself. Combine that with Reiki and you will be defeating stress for your better health very quickly. You can use meditation music during a Reiki session. I do this all the time during my Reiki meditation. It's a personal meditation, a way to relax, and experience deeper healing.

Guided reiki meditation

If you have calming music, or relaxing meditation music that you particularly enjoy, let it help you relax during your Reiki session, and let it become your Reiki healing meditation.

Guided meditation with Reiki

in Dani's Reiki Master course, she teaches you the importance of meditations. Then you will do a Reiki Master Symbol Meditation.

Reiki will be a wonderful tool for your spiritual journey. But becoming a Reiki Master is not the end of the journey. It is only the beginning of your own personal and spiritual development. Learn to meditate with it.

If someone wants to become a Reiki Master, this normally indicates that this person has a great love for Reiki. It may feel like an inner calling. The Reiki Master Symbol Meditation is an important step on this journey.

Reiki and Reiki meditation

So Reiki and Reiki meditation might be something that some people didn't know was a thing. But it is really one and the same. It can be very powerful and beneficial to your life. It is for my life. If you can't find free guided Reiki meditations, then just make up one yourself. Free style it. It's fun

Reiki meditations

I love combining Reiki with other kinds of meditations, or sometimes just focusing on the Reiki itself. Like with the Usui's Gassho meditation, just put your hands together to feel the energy moving through your fingertips, and breath, and focus just on the energy flowing. Connect with it, and become one with it. You will feel the Reiki energy growing inside of you, and spilling out into the world around you for the better.

Reiki and Reiki meditation

Reiki healing meditation

So do your own Reiki meditation, and find your own way to do a Reiki healing meditation; or find one online, and learn how Daniela and Lina do it, Click Now, become a Reiki Master!

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