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Are tarot cards evil, are you doomed for using them?

Are tarot cards evil? Are you evil?
I don't think I'm evil, but a long time ago I wondered if using tarot was ok.
Back then I thought, is there some mystical and evil influence on these cards that seem to accurately predict the future.
Today I know better, but a long time ago I asked this same question.
Now I know the answer.
Is a Tarot Card Reading Set in Stone?

When learning tarot for beginners one of the biggest hurdles might be trying to learn each individual card. This is good to do, but the hardest part is learning to let go and trust your intuition.

When I was younger I thought that anything that could not be proven in a laboratory was not real.
This is before I met Daniela.

The history of tarot cards: why is it a mystery?

I always wanted to know the history of tarot cards, and why they have the power to guide me in my life for today, and into the future.
When I looked it up I found something discouraging.
No one really knows where the mysterious power of the tarot deck comes from exactly.
How does it work?
Unsatisfied I kept looking for the answer.

How to read tarot cards for beginners, without learning each card on its own

When Daniela shows students how to read tarot cards for beginners they wonder how this is possible without learning each of the 78 cards on its own, using simple techniques. Just let me say that this it works! And you'll be amazed.

Foundation Shamanic Studies:
Can Any One Be A Shaman, 
And Learn Shamanic Journeying?

Many scholars believe that in the traditional context of Shamanism, you are either born a shaman, or you are not.
If the spirits want you to work with them, there is nothing you can do.
And if the spirits don’t want you to work with them, there is likewise nothing you can do.

Was The First Shaman A Woman?

The Truth About Female Shaman History And Female Shaman Names.
There Is Evidence In Female Shaman History That Females Were The First Shamans.

Shamanic Training, Methods, And Tools: Is One Method Better Than The Other?

There are many different ways of Shamanic Training and Methods. Depending on the belief, culture and traditions, and the teacher.
No method is better than any other, they’re just different. It’s like when you have a Tool Kit to fix something, and you choose the tool that works best to fix your problem.