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Unlocking the Mysteries of Your Higher Self

The Higher Self is the part of you that is wise, eternal, and pure. It is the divine and sacred aspect of you.

When I started my spiritual journey, I often heard the term “Higher Self”. For example in Reiki it is said when you do Distance Healing for someone, you can ask the Higher Self of that person if it is ok to send Reiki during a Distance Healing.

I did not really understand what this meant, because I heard different explanations about the Higher Self.

Some said it is the Guardian Angel of a person, some said it is an intelligent Being, Quantum Being, or your Intuition, your Higher Consciousness, or the True Self.

And all of these explanations are right, but I still could not grab it, because this Higher Self seemed so far away from me.

But when I learned to become a Past Life Regressionist I got a better understanding of this Higher Self.
There I have learned that the Higher Self is the part of you that is wise, eternal, and pure. It is the divine and sacred aspect of you.

In a Past Life Regression the Higher Self is the Highest Instance of the Subconscious Mind. I like to call it the Boss of the Subconsciousness who knows everything about you, your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, your Past experiences and so on.
In a Past Life Regression it decides what you can see, what you need to learn, and it guides you safely through important memories.
It basically protects you so that you only can be aware of things that will not hurt you during a Past Life Regression.

Of course, this is true for any other spiritual work as well. Your Higher Self guides you to meet other Beings, like spiritual Helpers, or your Inner Healer.

It might not always be easy for the mind to understand the concepts of a Higher Self. The same applies to the concept of Angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Friends and whatever there is.

Spiritual work is not really explained through a logical mind, you only can experience it, and this is especially true for getting to know your Higher Self.

In a Past Life Regression you can not really see your Higher Self, it is more like knowing that it is a part of you. You communicate with it through thoughts, feelings and knowing, like telepathy, and when we do this, we call it intuition.

Beside Past Life Regressions, Meditations are the best way to get to know your Higher Self.

Since your Higher Self is a part of you, it makes sense that you don’t see it. But if you want to see your Higher Self, you can meditate and give it a form, or ask it to show itself. Your mind will create a form of your Higher Self the way you can accept or understand it.

People see or imagine it often as a light, or a person, maybe it shows itself like an angel.

Your Higher Self always wants what is best for you, as it is you, the all knowing YOU, without any Ego attachments. Through my experience with spiritual work I have learned that before you do any channeling, Mediumship, Angel Contacts, or contacts to Higher Beings, you should first get a deep connection to your Higher Self. The best way is through meditations. 😇

I recorded a meditation for you, and I hope this meditation will help you to learn more about your Higher Self. You will find this meditation in my FREE Meditation Course under "Higher Self Meditation"

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