A Reiki Chakra Meditation Can Improve Your Life, How?

A Reiki Chakra meditation, for Chakra healing with Reiki can improve your life. Give it a try.

Chakra Healing with Reiki, through a Reiki Chakra meditation?

I'm going to show you an effective Reiki Chakra meditation, that you can do in a Reiki healing session to balance your Chakras. 

This can help you to make better decisions during the day, and let you become more creative, and passionate. 

The effects are very positive. You will feel a calm centredness, and self-confidence afterward. The fun thing is you can achieve this through dancing too.

Reiki healing with chakras, Reiki chakra meditation,

When I say Reiki Chakras, I simply mean the 7 main Chakras. Reiki helps to bring balance and new energy into your entire being by clearing blockages in your aura's energy centres. It will get the universal life energy flowing though them, to connect them, and bring new life energy to you.

Reiki Chakra cleansing is an essential part of practicing Reiki.

For today's Reiki Chakra meditation I'm going to focus on the Sacral, or second Chakra.

Now in Eastern philosophies the Sacral Chakra, also known as the Hara, is the most important, as it lets the cosmic life energy, or Chi in. So the Sacral Chakra is like a gateway.

This may be true, but I don't see anyone Chakra as being more important as the others. I think holistically, and if one Chakra is blocked, the energy will not flow as it should through your entire being.

Each Chakra is important

If, for example, you are not grounded, you need to make sure your root Chakra is working properly.

You can tell you are not grounded if you overthink things, or you forget about your physical well being, or you have money problems.

Not being grounded will affect your life, and chances of success substantially. All the Chakras work together as its own energetic organism. 

The same goes for your physical body. 

If one part of your body is not working well, it will eventually affect all the other parts in a negative way. The Chakras themselves connect to your physical self. It is an integrated system where physical points connect to the Chakras.

It all works hand in hand. 

All of the Chakras talk with each other, and are linked together. Physically, the seven Chakras are found close to one of the seven major nerve ganglia, which emanate from your spinal column.

That being said the Sacral Chakra is important.

Activating the power of your Sacral

I use Reiki energy to activate the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral is important because it is the centre for creativity, for decision making, and for sexual activity, among other things.

It is also known as the ‘Hara Chakra’ and connects all the other Chakras.

A Reiki Chakra meditation through the Sacral point, or Gateway, is powerful

There are a few ways to do a Reiki Chakra meditation that focuses on the Sacral Chakra. I will show you a three. You can also make up your own.

For me, it can be as simple as activating the Reiki channel, and holding my hands just below the navel, and letting the energy flow through, to connect to all of my Chakras. Let the energy flow there for at least 3 to 10 minutes, but there really isn't a time limit here. You can incorporate the Reiki symbols too, it's up to you. Be creative, and follow you intuition. Another simple way is to dance, more on this later...

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What is the Sacral Chakra?

The Sacral Chakra, is more or less parallel to the energy point commonly referred to as Swadhisthana – or simply, the Sacral Chakra.

Ancient India called it the Swadhisthana. In the Japanese tradition, it is called Hara.

Regardless of what it is called, it is an important energy centre that communicates with the outside world in a dynamic way. It is key to your creative powers, and decision making abilities, and sexual energies.

This gateway to the dynamic, creative, and passionate engagement with life, is supported by the universal life energy that flows through it, also know as prana.

When you connect to the Sacral Chakra you are connecting to the world within and without, and becoming one with life's energy.

Why is the Sacral gateway so important?

The Sacral Chakra is a gateway that opens to an energy highway, so to speak, which connects all the other Chakra energy centres as one cosmic organism.

It's a line, also known as the Hara line.

According to Eastern philosophy, and there are different points of view on this, Chakras work together giving and taking energy, the starting point is the Sacral, it regulates the Chi.

This energy highway runs through the centre of the body. It moves from Root to the Crown Chakra. The energy is channeled through each energy centre along the spine.

The point of Chakra Reiki healing, is to balance them. When they are working effortlessly together, we find ourselves becoming more successful, because we find ourselves less stressed, more at peace, more creative and passionate, and thus we can make better decisions, and trust our intuition.

The Sacral gateway is the point we start communicating with the divine, and you need to take care of it.

Chakra Reiki healing

When the Sacral Chakra is blocked, or under performing, you may not be able to think clearly, or have creative inhibitions. Your ability to express yourself may be limited too. You might be afraid of judgment of taking pleasure, and you may feel apathy.

Clearing your Sacral Chakra of blockages through Reiki, will get the energy flowing again. Then you will begin to balance the life force as it flows through this part of your being.

Overtime, your full potential gets revealed to you.

Reiki Chakras, give and take

Some Chakras may have too much energy, or not enough. It is important to balance the flow, release the blockages, open the dam, so to speak, to allow a consistent and even flow of Chi.

In some cases, giving Reiki energy will help us to stimulate dormant energy, and wake up the aura.

If it has too much pent-up energy, bring it back down, by releasing it, and this will create a new balance by letting the overactive Chakra find it's true potential and purpose.

In our case we will be activating our Sacral Chakra, and in turn, cleansing, balancing, and healing all the other Chakras through meditation.

Take your time with these meditations, become a spiritual explorer. Be patient and compassionate with yourself as things begin to change.

Reiki Chakra Sacral meditation

Because the Sacral Chakra is found around the abdomen, be aware that this is the point of emotions. You may release blockages, and stimulate pent-up feelings, and get emotional when first starting to meditate, while using Reiki to clear and activate the universal life energy.

This is my meditation I do when I take a noon time nap, or before I go to sleep. It might be unusual as lie down, instead of sitting up with a straight back.

So I lie on my back keeping everything as straight as possible. Yes, sometimes I fall asleep, but not always, and I do this regularly so if I fall asleep once in a while I think that's OK.

1. To begin

I lie down comfortably on the bed. I close my eyes and activate the Reiki channel. Sometimes I will incorporate the Reiki symbols, like the power symbol if I feel I need more energy, or the Emotional symbol if I need to clear blockages.

2. Then I ground myself through taking long breaths

And I feel the physical space beneath me, and imagine roots connecting me to the earth.

3. I listen to Daniela's guided Sacral affirmation meditation

Which will soon be available to listen to here at gatelightelearning.com. I use a meditation headband that has headphones built into it for ease of use and comfort. I let the Reiki energy flow, and imagine it moving through all of my energy centres, up to the Third eye chakra, and out through my Crown chakra; all the while listing to the Sacral affirmations that are being programmed into my subconscious.

4. When the affirmations are over

I may continue with the meditation on my own, or I might stop it there. I follow my intuition.

5. Not only do I let the Chi flow through my entire being

I also manifest the things that I need in my physical and spiritual life, by sending to my goals the Reiki energy of love and gratitude. In this case it's not enough to imagine, let's say, how I am driving a new car, I need to feel it too. And the best way is by connecting and feeling the energy of love and gratitude to the people who help me to achieve this goal.

6. When the Meditation is over I thank the Reiki energy

I and rub my hands together, with love and gratitude.

Through doing this everyday I grow into the wisdom that I am one with all life – that the force of life we observe in the world around us is no different from the one that we embody.

Let the wisdom fill your aura as you practice this simple but powerful Reiki Chakra meditation.

Another Reiki Chakra meditation for Reiki healing

The Sacral Chakra is important to centre.

This meditation can be done in around 20 minutes. It will help you to centre, when you are feeling off balance. It will help you to make better decisions during your day. The effects are very positive. You will feel a calm centredness and self confidence afterward.

1. Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit

Sit the way you want, on a chair, or on the floor, on a pillow. The important thing is to keep your spine straight. If you can sit straight like this with your back aided then do it. Now make sure your feet are kept on the floor. Place the palms of your hands resting upwards, on your thighs. Your eyes should be kept closed. Music can assist you on achieving more relaxation, so play some if you need to, but make sure it does not end up being a distraction.

2. Activate the Reiki channel

Imagine the energy of the cosmos coursing through your second Chakra, the Sacral chakra.

3. Connect with the Sacral Chakra

Which is the point below the navel. Then visualize a line running from this point up to the Third Eye Chakra, or sixth Chakra, which is between the eyebrows. Keep one hand on the Sacral point so your full attention is focused on this Chakra.

4. Start circling your upper body

Move counterclockwise. Do this for 10 minutes. And all the while keeping your torso in a straight line from the Sacral Chakra point, to the Third Eye Chakra.

5. Now slow down

Your moving upper body should slow down, letting the circular movement become gradually smaller. Now you stop. Focus on the energy in the Sacral Chakra, as you are sitting up with your back straight and still.

6. To finish the Reiki Chakra meditation

Lie down on your back and relax, with your arms to your sides, the palms of your hands upwards, your legs open a bit, and your mouth slightly ajar. Be relaxed. Stay like this for about 5 minutes.

7. When you get up

Turn off the Reiki channel by rubbing your hands together, and thanking the universal life energy. That's it! enjoy the rest of your successful day.

Reiki chakra meditation, Reiki healing with chakras,

Trance Dance, or Shamanic Dancing is a way of activating the Sacral Chakra, for reiki healing with chakras

There is no better way to activate your Sacral Chakra than through dancing. The dance movement energizes and opens the Sacral gateway. Shamanic trance dance can help.

Why do I mention Shamanic dancing? Because a great side effect of this kind of dancing is that it also opens your Sacral Chakra to allow Chi energy to flow throughout the 7 energy centres of your aura.

So What is Shamanic Dancing?

Shamanic Dancing is simply another way of Shamanic Journeying by using breathing and dancing to reach a light or deep state of Trance that you need for Shamanic Journeying.

How does it work?

Shamanic Dancing is a practice where you invite Spirit, the power of all creation, into your body through dancing. This is attained through a special breathing method.

When using this breathing method you will free your mind, and when your body is dancing, your soul can travel to other worlds, where you can meet your shamanic ancestors, spirit animals, or spirit guides.

There you can get answers to questions, and you can learn, heal, or even help your friends to heal on a spiritual level.














Reiki Chakra meditations is a way of life

Reiki has so many applications. For me, in the beginning, I did Reiki once a week, if that. Today I'm addicted to the beautiful and balancing energy it gives me.

I do it every day, sometimes more than once. It is an integral part of my life now. I'm a much healthier person than I was back at the beginning of me spiritual journey.

I've improved in my spiritual, physical, and mental life. I can deal with stress way better. And I have far less negative thoughts.

Practicing Reiki is a way of life for me now.

Can you image if everyone in the world wold practice Reiki once a day? I known that sounds crazy, but if it were true there would be far less tragedy, of that I'm certain.

A Reiki meditation opens me up to new wisdom about who I am, and my connection with the higher-self on an energetic level.

A Reiki Chakra meditation, for Chakra healing with Reiki can change your life. Give it a try: CLICK NOW

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