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Ghosts Hauntings have always been a topic of fascination. Do you believe in Ghosts?

Let's explore the different kinds of ghosts that may exist.

We've all heard about ghosts, or spirits; 

we've heard stories about them or watched TV shows about ghost haunting. Some of us may have even experienced something that felt like a ghost. I know I have.

Note: I personally prefer to say "spirit" instead of "ghost, but in this blog post I will use the term ghost.

Sometimes I like to watch "Ghost Hunting" shows and find it very interesting to learn about the various kinds of ghosts that exist. So let's explore the world of ghosts in this article.

People have always been fascinated by and curious about ghosts. They have appeared in our myths, legends, and stories all over the world since the beginning of time. Regarding ghosts and what they stand for, different cultures have their own interpretations. Some see them as evil spirits that cause harm and misfortune, while some believe they are the spirits of the dead who have unresolved business.

As spiritual healers, we understand that death is a normal part of life and that the human spirit exists outside of our physical bodies. So ghosts can be viewed as just another aspect of the human spirit's journey. Some people, including me, even believe that ghosts are sent from the spirit world to assist, guide, or communicate important messages to us.

We have to admit that feeling a ghost can be scary and unsettling, especially for people who don't believe in ghosts.

Still, it is important to treat ghosts with the same respect and kindness we show to living people.

It's also important to keep in mind that not all ghostly experiences are real and that some may be caused by things like psychological or natural events.

We'll talk about some of the most common kinds of ghost sightings and their characteristics.

So, are you ready to go into the world of ghosts? Let's get started! 👻

Ghost Haunting, Apparitions

Apparitions 👻

The most common kind of ghost sightings are apparitions. In essence, they are the energetic representations of a deceased person or animal. Apparitions can appear as transparent, solid, or misty objects. They are known to be harmless and are often seen or felt in the same spot.

A common way that apparitions are described by those who have seen them is as a memory coming to life. They may come across a loved one who has passed away or someone they have never met before. Some people find comfort in apparitions, especially if they believe a loved one who has passed on to the other side is contacting them.

There are many theories as to why apparitions manifest. 

Some people think they are the deceased person's lingering energy. Some people believe that ghosts are the spirits of the dead attempting to communicate with the living. Whatever the reason may be, it's important to treat apparitions politely and with respect.

Apparitions are frequently seen in places where intensely emotional events have occurred, such as a battlefield, a hospital, a theater, or a house where a person has died. It's good to keep in mind that not all apparitions have been people. Some people claim to have seen ghostly canines or felines.

It's possible to capture apparitions on camera. 

Numerous people claim to have obtained ghostly photographs using film or digital cameras. Of course, many of these images can be simply explained as natural phenomena or photographic anomalies.

If you come across an apparition, treat it with kindness and respect. Some people may feel afraid or overwhelmed, while others may find comfort in the company of a loved one. Always follow your gut feelings and intuition, and ask for assistance if you feel uneasy or afraid.

In conclusion, the most frequent kind of ghost sightings are apparitions. 

They are the ghostly or energetic representations of a deceased person or animal. Some people find comfort in apparitions, while others find them terrifying. They are frequently observed in locations where significant emotional events have taken place, and they are thought to be the deceased person's lingering energy.

Ghost Haunting, Polstergeists

Poltergeists 👻🪑

Poltergeists are the trick-loving variety of ghost that enjoys deceiving people. They are known for moving things, slamming doors, and making noise. They can be quite scary and are frequently connected to a specific person or location.

The term "poltergeist" is a combination of the German words "poltern," which means to make noise, and "geist," which means ghost. Many cultures and periods of history have recorded poltergeist activity. They can be extremely upsetting for those who experience them because they are often linked to negative energy.

One explanation for poltergeists is that they originate from a living person's energy. According to this theory, a person experiencing intense emotions like anger or frustration may unintentionally create a poltergeist. After absorbing the person's energy, the poltergeist starts to disturb the immediate surroundings.

Another idea is that Postergeists are ghosts trying to talk to people who are still alive. This theory says that a poltergeist will often make noise or move things to try to get the attention of the living.

Poltergeists are frequently connected to a specific person or location. 

They are more likely to appear in a place where there is a lot of negative energy or emotional distress. This can apply to settings with a history of severe violence or trauma, such as hospitals, prisons, or homes.

People who have experienced poltergeists frequently talk about feeling watched or pursued. Additionally, they might feel physical sensations like touch or cold spots. Objects like furniture or household items have been known to move as a result of poltergeist activity. Those who experience this may find it especially upsetting.

When dealing with poltergeists, you should always proceed with caution. It is common knowledge that poltergeists are malicious and will harm people if they feel threatened or provoked. It's crucial to make an effort to keep calm and ask a spiritual healer or paranormal investigator for assistance.

In summary poltergeists are the trick-taking kind of ghost that enjoys playing pranks on people. 

For those who experience them, they can be quite frightening and are frequently connected to negative energy. Places with a lot of emotional distress or trauma are more likely to have poltergeist activity. 

Residual Hauntings 👻📽

Ghosts that are unaware of their surroundings are known as residual hauntings. They repeatedly do the same things, acting as though a previous event were being replayed. They are frequently observed at historical sites like old homes or battlegrounds.

It's common to compare residual hauntings to a video recording that keeps playing. 

The ghostly image has no awareness of the living or the environment around them, and it has no interaction with them at all. Instead, it consistently repeats the same actions, as if it were recalling something from the past.

Many people who have had residual hauntings report feeling as if they are watching a scene from the past.
They might see or hear things that shouldn't be there, or they might see or hear people or things that aren't there anymore. Even though residual hauntings can be scary and unsettling, most people think they are harmless.

There are often ghosts left behind in places like old homes or battlefields from the past. They are believed to be brought on by energy that has been left in a location, typically following a traumatic event. Then, this energy comes out as a residual haunting, which seems to be stuck in a loop and keep doing the same things over and over again.

The most important thing to keep in mind if you ever experience a residual haunting is that the ghostly presence is unaware of the living. You cannot interact with it or be harmed by it in any way.

In conclusion ghosts that act like replays of the past are known as residual hauntings. 

They are unaware of the living and have no contact with them. It is thought that residual hauntings are caused by energy that has been imprinted on a location and are frequently connected to locations with a rich history. 

Ghost Haunting, Intelligent Hauntings

Intelligent Hauntings 👻🧐

Intelligent hauntings are the type of ghosts that can communicate with the living and are well aware of their surroundings. They can be quite scary and are often connected to a specific person or location. Intelligent hauntings can communicate through sounds, movements, or even words.

Many people who have experienced intelligent hauntings have talked about feeling watched or followed. They may hear noises they cannot explain or see objects move. For those who experience them, intelligent hauntings can be particularly frightening.

Intelligent hauntings often have a connection to a specific person or location. 

They could be the spirit of someone who is still not crossed over to the other side, or the ghost is attempting to communicate with the living, delivering a message or asking for help. The ghost might make sounds, make motions, or even manifest physically to communicate.

Because they are aware of the living, intelligent hauntings can be especially scary. Some people may feel threatened or even physically attacked. It's crucial to proceed cautiously when dealing with intelligent hauntings and to look for assistance from a spiritual healer or paranormal investigator.

In the end intelligent hauntings are ghosts that can communicate with people and are aware of their surroundings. 

They can be quite frightening and are often connected to a specific person or location. Intelligent hauntings could be the result of a dead person trying to talk to a living person who can feel the presence of spirits.

Ghost Haunting, Shadow People

Shadow People 👻👀

When speaking of ghostly beings, dark, shadowy figures are often called shadow people.

Many people who have encountered shadow people have spoken of feeling watched or followed. Maybe, out of the corner of their eye, they catch a brief glimpse of a dark figure moving, but by the time they turn around, they don't see any figure there. 

Shadow people are thought to be evil entities and often linked to negative energy.

One explanation for shadow people is that they are the results of negative energy. They can also be entities that are drawn to areas with high concentrations of negative energy. According to this theory, shadow people are the embodiment of negative energy and are drawn to unhappy, anxious, or depressed individuals.

Another theory holds that shadow people are the result of a deceased person who, for whatever reason, is unable to cross over.
The shadow person, according to this theory, is imprisoned in limbo and is unable to progress to the next stage of the afterlife.

Shadow people are frequently linked to feelings of dread or fear. Some claim to have felt physically threatened by a shadow person, while others claim to have experienced paralysis or been unable to move. It's crucial to proceed cautiously when dealing with shadow people and to look for assistance from a spiritual healer or paranormal investigator.

In conclusion shadow people are the kind of ghostly beings that are frequently depicted as being dark and shadowy. 

They are known to move quickly and are connected to negative energy. Shadow people may be the result of negative energy, entities drawn to places with a lot of negative energy, or a deceased person who is unable to pass over to the other side. 

Ghost Haunting

Crises Apparitions 👻🫂

Crisis apparitions are a special kind of paranormal occurrence that frequently occurs to close friends or family members right after a person passes away or in the midst of a serious crisis. These ghosts often turn up to deliver a message, offer comfort, or give a warning. 

Crisis apparitions usually serve their purpose and then vanish, never to be seen again.

Crisis apparitions are thought to be the dead person's spirit trying to get in touch with the living one last time before crossing over.Some researchers think that rather than being real ghosts, these apparitions could be telepathic communication.

Doppelgängers 👻👯‍♀️

Doppelgängers can manifest in different ways. They may appear in a person's peripheral vision, be noticed by others while the person they resemble is elsewhere, or even interact with people in a manner identical to that of the living person. 

Doppelgängers have been observed imitating the behaviors, speech patterns, and actions of the person they resemble.

Many paranormal researchers have different opinions about the origins and nature of Doppelgängers. Doppelgängers, according to some theories, are a type of astral projection in which a person's spirit or consciousness briefly leaves their body and manifests in another location.

Others believe that Doppelgängers could be the "shadow self" or subconscious mind of a person, representing their inner confusion, fears, or secret desires.

In myths and folktales, doppelgängers often have bad intentions, like trying to hurt the person they look like or take their place in life.

But there are also reports of doppelgangers who seem friendly or even protective, warning the person about d

anger or offering assistance.

Ghost Animals

Ghost Animals 👻🐈

Ghost animals are the type of ghostly beings that are often associated with beloved pets or animals that were once present in a specific area. People believe they are the ghosts of deceased animals, and they can still be seen in the real world.

Many people who have had encounters with ghost animals mention sensations of familiarity or comfort. They might perceive the energy of an animal that once lived in a specific area or feel the presence of a beloved pet that has passed away.

Ghost animals are often connected to places where animals once lived or died, such as houses, barns, or pastures.

They are thought to be the physical manifestation of the animal's energy and can take on a physical form or just be an energetic presence.

One theory is that ghost animals come from the strong emotional bond between a pet and its owner. This theory holds that a pet's energy is so strong that it can exist in the physical world even after the animal has died.

According to a different theory, animals that have not yet crossed over to the other side are the cause of ghostly creatures. This means the animal is still alive in the physical world because it is not yet ready to pass on to the next level of the afterlife.

Ghost animals are frequently linked to feelings of familiarity and comfort. 

They can bring comfort and healing to those who have lost a beloved pet or animal. As with any other aspect of the spirit world, it's crucial to treat ghost animals with respect and kindness.

We can aid those who are having ghost animal experiences in finding closure because we are spiritual healers. To do this, you could do a spiritual cleansing or help the person let go of any bad feelings they might be having because their pet or other animal died.

In conclusion ghostly beings known as "ghost animals" are those that are connected to beloved pets or animals that were once living somewhere. 

They are thought to be the ghosts of deceased animals who are still present in the physical world. Ghost animals could be the result of an intense emotional connection between a pet and their owner or deceased animals that haven't yet left this world. 

In order to help those who are experiencing ghost animals find peace and closure, it is crucial for spiritual healers to approach them with respect and kindness. For those who are mourning the loss of a beloved pet or animal, ghost animals can bring comfort and healing.


One thing I would like to mention is that ghosts cannot always be seen with your eyes. All other senses can be used to experience ghosts or spirits. Ghosts can be felt, heard, smelled, or seen just in your inner eye. Sometimes you may just know that a ghost is close to you.

Ghost Haunting


Finally, there are various types of ghosts, each with unique characteristics and histories. 

The ways in which apparitions, poltergeists, residual hauntings, intelligent hauntings, shadow people, and ghost animals interact with the living differ, and they are often associated with different types of energy.

It's critical to remember that not all ghosts are unfriendly or dangerous. 

Some ghosts might be the departed souls of loved ones who are attempting to make contact with the living. People who have lost a loved one can get healing and comfort from these ghosts.

A psychic medium or a spiritual healer can help those who have experienced hauntings, but they can also help ghosts who want to move on in the afterlife. 

This could mean doing a spiritual cleansing or helping the person or ghost let go of any negative energy they might be holding on to. 

The wide and varied field of paranormal phenomena includes a wide range of beings, manifestations, and experiences. 

The different kinds of ghosts offer a fascinating glimpse into the unknown and the mysteries of the afterlife, from residual ghosts replaying the past to intelligent spirits interacting with the living. If we keep learning more about these ethereal beings, we might find out what lies beyond the veil of death and strengthen our connection to the paranormal.

Personally, I find Ghost Haunting Shows very interesting. I had some ghostly experiences like that as well.

These experiences were different from working as a medium to help people find closure when they have lost a loved one. A Medium has the ability to connect to people or animals on the other side to get validation that they are still around.

I also know how important it is to help a lot of souls go to the other side. Most of the time, souls—which are also called ghosts or spirits—try to make people aware of them because they need help getting to the other side. If this happens, it is often easy to help by simply acknowledging them and sending gratitude for all the good things they did when they were alive. I imagine a violet orb in your heart, and I put all my love in there, and then I send the feeling of love and gratitude as an energy stream out of my head to the spirit, or soul. Often, that is enough, and I can feel the energy shifting.

Sometimes there is more to do, like convincing the soul that it is time to go and that their loved ones are waiting on the other side. In some cases, cords need to be cut between people or places. It is also possible that those souls have a message, and when this message is delivered, they can cross over.

A spiritual house cleansing can be helpful as well. When you do a house cleansing, set your intention to help those souls who are in your house. Maybe find out if you have any objects in your home that you got from someone else, for example, old jewellery or antique furniture.

Of course, it is not always a soul that wants to get help to cross over. If you experience ghostly activity, for example, in your own house and it is a concern or makes you feel unsafe, you might need to get help from someone who specializes in Ghost Hauntings or a similar profession.


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