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Explore the intriguing world of Chaos Magick, where traditional rituals meet modern creativity.

Have you ever heard of Chaos Magick?
When you hear the word Chaos Magick you might think that this form of Magick will create chaos.

I found different stories and believes about Chaos Magick, and I will go right to the point, and talk about how I understand this Art. You may want to research Chaos Magick, and find out about the origin of it, but I decided not to dwell on that

When you hear the word Chaos Magick you might think that this form of Magick will create chaos.

In one way you could see it this way, because you bring some form of chaos into the energy of a situation to create an outcome of your desire.

But normal Magick, or traditional Magick can be seen like this as well. So, Chaos Magick has nothing to do with creating Chaos in a negative form. It is also not a dark Magick, like some may believe.

The Difference between Chaos Magick and traditional Magick, Witchcraft or Sorcery is that Chaos Magick does not follow any traditions.It is a very individual practice without any dogma.

To practice Chaos Magick you will need to have already had experiences with meditations, visualizations, and you also need a very good mental, and emotional hygiene.

You also need to be open minded, with the desire to change your reality.

You need to love to experiment without the fear of failures, because failures are there to help you learn from them.

Chaos Magick means, like I mentioned before, that no traditions are followed, instead Chaos Magicians see the environment as their playground without any borders.

While traditional witchcraft uses certain tools for certain purposes, chaos magicians use anything found in their environment as a tool for their magic. This can be, for example, a remote control, a cup, an imaginary entity, or the energy of a specific character. Everything can be used for Chaos Magick as long as it works for the Magician (Witch, Sorcerer and so on...) personally.

Chaos Magick is simplified, and very practical, because you don’t need to have specific tools, or a complicated preparation.

For me, Chaos Magick is perfect for my everyday life, because I can practice it any time I want to. For example if I drink my morning coffee, I charge it with a specific “magickal” intention, or when I have a shower I imagine that all negative energy rinses down the drain. These practices can all be called Chaos Magick if you like. But there is more to it.

Sigil Magick is a common practice in Chaos Magick.

Sigil Magick is often used in Chaos Magick. If you know our Sigil Magick course, you will know that we have included some traditional aspects of Magick, but also untraditional ways. In this course we show you how we practice Sigil Magick.

Check out our Sigil Magick Course

Now, if you create your own style of Magick, maybe with some aspects of traditional practices, or without any traditional aspects at all, you could call it a form of Chaos Magick.

Since Chaos Magick is so individual, you can imagine that each magick you practice is always different. No other person does it the same way, maybe similar, but not exactly the same. Chaos Magick means experimenting, trying out what works best for you personally.

If it doesn’t work, then you learn from it, and adjust the spell.

This is why Chaos Magicians often have a journal to write down their intention.
They think about what they want to create or manifest in a specific time frame.
Then they write down what they did, for example Sigil Magick, and what tools they used.
At the end they will evaluate the magickal spell.
This is very important, so that they learn what works best for them.

So, the question now is: what is better, Chaos Magick or Traditional Magick.

I think traditional practices have the benefit that all the traditional tools, and practices are already charged with a purpose and specific energy. Many people who practice magick before us have used this way of Magick, or Witchcraft and so on, and this is helpful for us, because the energy is already there. For example, candle magic is done in a specific way by many witches. There is a lot of experience, and magickal energy behind this practice, we know that it works when done right.

With Chaos Magick it is a bit different, because you can create a spell any way you like.

For example Chaos Magicians, or Chaos Witches often like to use a tool from their environment for their Spell. The thing here is, that the tool they choose for Magick may not have the energy behind it like traditional tools. But the advantage is that they don’t need to buy specific tools, they don’t need to follow specific traditions, and because of that they can incorporate it easily into their everyday lives. They only need to be creative.

I personally like to have a mix between both of them. This does not mean that I disregard any old traditions and rules.

The way I practice Magick is based on my intuition, different teachings, traditions, none traditions, and my individual experience and experiments.

For example, I love using Sigil Magick. In my everyday life I often don’t have the time for long rituals, because I have a big and loud family. So I don’t always prepare my room, create a magickal circle and so on to practice Sigil Magick.

I simply take my Journal, write down my Intention, create a Sigil, charge and "fire" the Sigil,and then forget about the Magick.

But sometimes, if there is a bigger situation that needs to be changed, I will go the full way of witchcraft, or Chaos Magick. What I want to say is, that I do what feels right at that moment.

Maybe you think that you do a kind of Chaos Magick too, because you go with your intuition, you go with the flow, and do what feels right.

Maybe when you do energy healing, you follow your intuition, you use a mix of different styles of energy healing, and you use different tools. You basically have your own way of healing. Could this be called Chaos Magick? Sure, why not.

It is said that Chaos Magick is a New Age thing. Sure it is, in some way. Magick, Witchcraft or Sorcery in olden times was adapted to the way they lived back then, they used the tools they had, and it was influenced by their beliefs and their thinking.

Chaos Magick works often same way as the old traditional Magick, just with the difference that it is adjusted to modern times, and modern tools.

For me Chaos Magick works as good as traditional witchcraft. I love to combine both.

Why not use old traditions when you know that they work?

Why not let go of old dogmas when you feel like they don’t serve you for your Magick?

What I love is that I don’t need to follow traditions, or dogmas, but I can if I want to. And for me that helps me to learn and grow, and celebrate my individuality.

But still, you can not do whatever you want with Chaos Magick.
You are playing with energy, and this is why your intention must be for the best for everyone.

Remember, your intention to harm someone, or wish someone something bad, will start first within yourself, and in your energy field.

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