How to create online courses on a budget

Simple Tips on how to create courses for your online classes, and how to have your own online school

This mini course is for Entrepreneurs who would love to share their wisdom through their own online school.

Do you have an inner passion to share your wisdom with other people around the world through online courses, but you don’t know how to start, and your budget is limited?  

Do you think you need to have a big studio, a team, and expensive equipment to create videos for your online courses?  

Do you believe that everything must be perfect, like other famous, and successful online schools, to share your wisdom with the world?  

Do you think that you are not good enough, or you can not talk in front of a camera, because you are not this kind of a person, but you still have so much to share? 

If you answered some of these questions with YES, then stay with me, and I will show you how I got started creating my online school, on a budget.

This mini course is for Entrepreneurs who would love to share their wisdom through their own online school. I will give you some tips on how you can get started right now, without breaking the bank.   It’s free, so come on in :) 

Hi, my name is Daniela, and I am the creator of GateLightELearning, the website you are visiting right now.
This is my online school, and maybe you are here because you would like to create your own online school as well.

In this little mini course I will show you how I started, and what I used, and what I still use today to create online courses. If you have already taught something face to face, or in a group, then you have already climbed up the first step toward online teaching and success. Just take your teaching material, and transform it to an online course.

This course does not only give you some tips on how you can start creating your own online courses on a budget.

There will be a community that you can join as well, where you can ask questions, and where you can also answer questions, if you have great information to help the community.

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Mimmo Gasbarri

The Best bar none!

I've actually paid for courses like this just to get an idea of how to create my own courses for online teaching. Not only is this course by Daniela free, but it delivers much more information than other similar courses. This, bar none, is the best presentation; a must for any up-coming teacher.

2 years ago

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