Boost Your Intuition

This course is for Intuitives, Psychics, and Mediums.

Are you a Psychic, a Medium, or an Intuitive?

I know how it feels when it comes to trusting your Intuition, trusting your Psychic abilities, or your Mediumship skills.

Right now, you probably feel like you are not good enough, and you ask yourself, "am I really an Intuitive, a Psychic, or a Medium?" Because sometimes you feel like you are not really on point with your readings.

And you are thinking, "I wish I was one of those lucky people who are experts at Psychic readings, or who are better as a Medium, or an Intuitive Healer."

But I know something about you, something that you perhaps don't know about yourself. Did you know that you too can do truly extraordinary readings?

I know this is true. I know you can do it!

And this is why you are here now. Somehow you were led to this site. Maybe it was a link that caught your eye, or a friend's mention, or just a feeling you had to do a search; but here you are, and this is no coincidence. Your intuition has opened up a door, and brought you to me.

Developing your intuition means more than just receiving information, and giving readings.

Developing your intuition also means developing the awareness you have about yourself and your surroundings.

This course is not about connecting with Angels, or Spirit Guides, or how to do a Mediumship Reading. I offer other courses for this.In this course you will also not need any tools, like Tarot Cards.

The main focus is to learn how to be aware of information that your Guides might send to you, or to be aware of the information within yourself and your surroundings.
Information is everywhere, you just need to be aware of it.
This is why this course is so unique, because what you will learn here is the basis of any intuitive work.

I don’t know if you had the same feeling like I had when I started my journey with intuitive work. It was pretty overwhelming when a teacher said: what information is coming to you now?

My thoughts were spinning around, and I didn’t know where to start, or what information I was supposed to pay attention to.
And I also didn't know what I should do with this information.

Can you relate to this?

Take a moment, and imagine what it would feel like if you are able to give on point readings to yourself and others.

And imagine what it would be like if you can give your friends or clients the help they are looking for.

Or imagine how you could improve your own life, by using your intuition. Imagine a loving and supportive relationship, or a well paid job that you really love.

Imagine almost always making the right decision no matter where you are, and what you are doing.

Following your Intuition is the best support you can ever get, and I know you can do it!

So, let's do it, I will see you in the course.

This is what you will learn:

What is Intuition, and what it is not
The Sources of Information
Different methods to prepare for intuitive work
Different techniques to practice Yes or No Questions
Practical ways to do a reading for yourself, and others with no extra tools
Lots of activities, for example:
The violet energy stream,
Following your senses,
Activating your Psychic senses
How to tap into the past and future
You will answer your own questions and other questions
Embodiment and Disembodiment - you will learn to see through the eyes of others
And much more

Thank you for your Feedback

Daniela has a clear way to breakdown how to trust yourself and of learning ways to recognize information that is meant to be noticed around you. She reinforces that, like everything, in order to be good at something you have to practice. I like the energy stream technique and find it works to weed out if what I'm sensing is meant for me or not and definitely helps reading tarot cards. Exercises for my subconscious mind help with overthinking and I really appreciate that. Favorite concept: The hard part is the interpretation of the intuition. Thank you Daniela! Christy in Calgary

This course has been brilliant so far, the exercises and activities really work and bring results. You can look at your work and see that it's expanding and improving with the guidance given. The layering of tools and ideas gives depth to the work as you look over what you've been doing. I'm really enjoying it and the format is great too x thank you x - Laura

Concepts beautifully explained. The activities clearly demonstrate the power of the teachings. - James S.

This course is so informative and helpful. I feel more comfortable and less unsure of my abilities. I feel more open to receiving information and I’m less discouraged when I feel like I haven’t gotten anything. The concept of “no information is information” is amazing. And it so reassuring - Aimee

The course flows very nicely and I am learning things I have not learned in other intuitive development courses. - Lori

I have taken several courses about energy readings. However, this is the only course I've found that really shows you how to use your intuition. And, how to get more meaningful information for your readings. This course also, gives you easy explanations and practical exercises. I love this course, and recommended to anyone wishing to develop their intuition. Thank you Daniela. - Martha

This is very helpful. I am learning much about how powerful my intuition is I like the interactive questions these really help with practice. Thank You - Rebecca

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