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Unveiling the Mystery: What is Intuition?

Intuition refers to the ability to understand or know something instinctively, without relying on conscious reasoning or logical analysis.

Intuition is a special ability we all have. 😇

It's like having a feeling or instinct that helps us understand things without having a good reason for it.

We all experience intuition in different ways; it can be a vivid dream, a song we suddenly have playing over and over in our head, a sudden idea, a strong feeling, or even a little voice inside us guiding us. 

But what do we do with these dreams, ideas, feelings, or inner voices? We often ignore them, right?

Not long ago, a friend asked me to do a mediumship reading for her friend. She gave me her phone number. At that moment, when I received her phone number, I suddenly had a song in my head playing over and over. Usually, I don't listen to this song, but it kept playing in my head for days until I called the woman who wanted a reading and set up an appointment. I asked her about the song, and she was surprised and needed to cry for a moment. For her, this song is very meaningful. 

But anyway, listening to your intuition is not just important for giving readings; it is also helpful when we have to decide on something.

I believe you made the same mistake I made very often in my life. Let me ask you something: 

Have you ever made a decision and just knew, deep down inside, that it was the wrong choice? But still, you went ahead with it because your logical mind told you so.

How often have you ignored that gut feeling or inner sense we call intuition?

We are all intuitive, but we are often not aware of it or ignore it. Why are we doing that? Because intuition works based on feelings and a sense of knowing rather than logical thinking. Intuition often makes no sense right away, and this is when we ignore it.

I often hear people asking, 

"How do I know if it is my logical mind or my intuition?"

Well, you need to identify what is intellect and what is Intuition. Here is a short answer:

Our minds always want the end product. It works linearly, from A to B.

For example, if the information you receive comes like this: You will meet a man, and you will marry, and you will then have a child.

This is like a linear story, and it is mostly created by the mind because it sounds very logical.

Intuition happens very fast. The information often makes no sense at first and needs to be translated or interpreted. 

Intuitive information comes mostly step by step, leading toward the end product through the little things that happen around you and through feelings, pictures, thoughts, and so on. 

Anyway, most of the time, it's simple to know if you are using your intuition or your Intellect:

Intuitive information feels right. It is the feeling of YES. The information flows to you effortlessly. It is like feeling the energy flowing through your body.

If it is your intellect or logic, you will normally feel some resistance. You don’t feel the energy flowing through you without it stopping somewhere in your body. 

Intuition can help give us answers and guide us towards making the right choices.

Important: Please remember that intuition isn't always accurate. Sometimes, our intuition gets mixed up with our emotions and beliefs, including the beliefs in our unconscious mind. This often happens when we are out of balance due to stress or fear. That's why it's a good idea to use our intuition along with careful thinking and considering the facts. 

Intuition goes beyond just answering questions.

Like I wrote before, intuition is an amazing ability we all have. But I know Intuition goes beyond just answering questions; it helps us find balance in life, be more creative, reach our goals, and, most importantly, live in the present moment.

From my experiences, I can say that it helps us to be aware of ourselves and our surroundings. And it helps us discover our true selves—who we really are. 

Whether you're an intuitive healer, psychic, or psychic medium, intuition is always needed, it is the foundation of your work.

Following your intuition means being tuned in to the information within and around you. It leads to a higher level of awareness, which is important for giving accurate readings and helping yourself and others on their journeys.

It's also important to understand that developing your intuition isn't just about collecting knowledge. It's about working on your own balanced lifestyle, practising meditation, and being mindful. 

But never forget that we are all humans, and when doing intuitive readings, we are not always right. 

This is normal, but making mistakes helps us learn. You don't need to be perfect. I suggest that you simply accept that you won't always be right or perfect with your interpretations of the information you perceive. I know I am not always perfect.

With consistent practice and learning to trust the information you receive, you'll improve your intuitive abilities. 

How can you develop your intuition?

In my course, "Boost Your Intuition" we'll dive deep into practical exercises, creating a space for extensive practice, and providing support and encouragement within our community.

Get ready for a wonderful journey of self-discovery and developing your intuition. Join us today, and let's create something magical together!
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