Start Your Own Online School, The Smart Way, But How?

With Zenler platform everything is under 1 roof. This means the instructors can start your own online school and get on with the business of...

Start Your Own Online School, (From Marketers Perspective) The Right Way

It would have been a disaster from the get go. I thought I knew a lot about online marketing. I've been doing it for a long time, learned from the best, from Wealthy Affiliate. So when I offered my wife help to start her own online school, boy was I surprised to hear about New Zenler.

Yes, there is a right and wrong way to start your own online school. There is also a mediocre route to follow, when you build online courses. But there is also a stellar way to start your own online school too! I need to tell about it right now.

I'm writing this from the perspective of an online marketer

You might be thinking that reading about how to start your own online school would be best presented by a teacher, right?

But hear me out.

start your own online school

The marketing side of your business is just as important, and is almost always an afterthought for online course creators.

Look, your school is a business, and delivers a product, fulfilling a niche, and fixing a problem. The informative courses you create need to be the fix for your students problem. Never lose site of this when building an online school. Your prospects will find your e-learning courses when Googling how to fix their problems.

Example: their problem might be a psychological one. They are unhappy with their current employment, and they're looking for a way out.

The new skill they will learn through your lifesaving courses, is the fix to their problem. This is how they will find you, they're desperate for new hope, your courses will offer them a way out.

In truth, marketing should be the first thing to think about, before you start your one online school

Especially if you are creating a membership site. In this case you want the students themselves to create the course, the product, through their feed back.

Sound strange?

It might, but look at it this way. When you know what your students really need, then you know how to build the online school they want, not what you want. This is so important, and one of the most powerful marketing tactics!

Keep reading, and I will reveal this secret marketing method below.

So, anyway, I honestly had no idea how to create E-learning courses

I was stumped, and didn't know what to do. I also knew that it is not enough just to have a bunch of great courses to succeed at this. Building the online school is just half of the journey. To make anything profitable online you need marketing, designers, and developers. You need a host of tools like marketing funnel's, email automation,  online class software, and online community software.

I was sure that it would be really complicated, because I know how this works. I know that she would need a host of expensive services. We would need to hack them together, and connect them to the online course creation platform, in order to bring the entire package together.

So this is technically challenging, and difficult to do for most people, including people like me who are experienced

That's why when my wife introduced me to the New Zenler, I was so happy, and surprised at the raw power behind this all-in-one solution. I knew this would make my life so much easier as an online marketer.

Zenler is the best online course creator around, I know from experience.

Without needing to hire designers, developers or marketers like me, it is the perfect online school business solution.

My wife does most of the funnel's and email automation on her own now, because Zenler makes it easy for anyone to do this.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication

I'm not saying there isn't a slight learning curve to this platform. You will need to follow some tutorials.

But compared to the alternatives, which means hacking together third party software to do the same thing that you will find here under 1 roof, Zenler is a walk in the park.

start your own online school at zenler

I know that this is truly great online class software, why?

The reason is that New Zenler has everything you need, from course creation, marketing funnel's, email automation, community features, virtual classrooms on Zoom, live webinars, and more.

You do not need to worry about cumbersome tools, installations, set-ups, and hiring anyone else to do it all for you. No other services required.

New Zenler is the best platform, and all-in-one solution for you to start your own online school right now. There is no limit to the courses you can create; and if one school is not enough, you can get 3 entire schools, each with a unique domain name.

You see, Zenler doesn't just offer a portal to build on online school, it offers a quick and easy way to automate the one thing that most instructors, and or, online business owners dislike, and find difficult to do: the marketing side of the coin.

So how to build online courses with Zenler?

On the surface, it's incredibly simple. For course, web page, and blog creation, you will use simple drag and drop blocks of content. This means you have lightening fast, content creation at your finger tips!

To start your own online school, you might want to do this right now, why not?

I'm giving you a private invitation only, sneak peek, and it's 100% FREE, no obligation. Start right now, click on the invite below:

starting your own online school

If you are serious about starting your own online school, you want to get all the insane state-of-the-art features you can read about below.

You will get this modern, one of a kind, online school creation powerhouse!

Do not leave this post without taking me up on my private invention, it's FREE.

But if you are unsure, keep reading. I will invite you again later on down the page. Make sure you read about all the incredible features New Zenler has to offer for course creators, and online marketers like myself.

But how to create elearning courses and why, when you already have your courses on a different platform?

The reason why, is that you do not need to recreate your elearning courses at Zenler at all.


Yep, if you already have them set up somewhere else there is a solution.

It takes no effort at all, in fact, to get your courses transferred over from other platforms like Teachable.

The New Zenler team will happily transfer all your courses over for you. They will take it completely out of your hands.

But if you need to do it yourself, you can easily download videos in groups too, and create new sections and lessons, etc. There are tutorials on this subject.

So the best online course creator comes with, how many amazing features? (This is the online marketers dream come true)

Main Features

1. Course Creation

build online courses

Zenler is a fully featured online course creation platform on steroids

Creating Courses & Tracking Students is Simple, and we marketers love simple

I love that fact that you can set up your courses almost anyway you need, with all the bells and whistles.

A great marketing strategy is to hide Easter Eggs in your curriculum.

What do I mean?

Tesla does this in their cars.

There are always hidden gems, extras, like software, and fun stuff, and useful updates, and perks not advertised. This means the new Tesla driver is always surprised, and happy, and will talk about it to their friends online.

This turns into word of mouth advertising, which is the best kind. Tesla is sold this way. In fact, Tesla has never paid a penny in advertising, ever, unlike their competitors who pay billions of dollars a year.

Always underpromise and overdeliver in your courses

So you should go beyond just text based tutorials, with a few pictures thrown in for fun. In Zenler you can add videos, and audios, PDF s, or PPT. You can add quizzes, surveys, and downloads to your delight.

And depending on when you read this, you will have live videos to add to your Easter Egg arsenal, and Zoom classrooms, for those who want more of a traditional virtual classroom.

As the master of your own school you can also create bundles & membership sites.

Or add drip schedules, so your students can learn at a regular pace without being overwhelmed.

Another cool marketing feature is being able to visualize your course funnel, to improve conversions. This allows you to have a better overview, so you can plot out your success.

The Price Is Right, Because Its The Price You Want

I also love the control Zenler gives you over price.

You can have a single course sale, a subscription, a free trial, or payment, and Instalment plans to boot.

How about some profitable tiered pricing plans, for splitting access level into your Courses/Bundles.

You might want to add this, (and being an online marketer I would highly suggest it), one click Up-Sells, or powerful order Bumps?

Putting Up-Sells and Bumps on your checkout pages, can increase your sales by over 50%. This feature alone is huge, and would be hard to integrate otherwise into your funnel's. Its also a theme for an entire post on its own.

Email Automation Is Normally Something Done With Third Party Software

Email automation, and thus, your full suite of email services, is included at Zenler, and this is such a big deal!

It includes pre-loaded high converting email templates. So now you can quickly and easily nurture your students with an entire sequence of emails based on triggers like enrolment, course completion, lesson completion. You can add tags & remove tags, too.

Tags are a really powerful way to sell new courses to students without spamming the ones who have already enrolled in it, for example.


2. Page Designer

create elearning courses

Drag & Drop Page Designer Is The Only Way To Go, No More Pesky HTML

You Are Now The Designer, Its That Simple, You Do Not Need To Hire Anyone For This

With no HTML knowledge at all, you can customize any of your pages to your heart's content, like never before!

You are not stuck with a few hard coded designs to choose from.

Now you can easily add, edit, drag and move any elements on the pages.

It's so much fun to watch your course pages, and your entire school, come to life, with expert looking quality. It's done quickly, efficiently, and all without any coding or web design expertise.

There are over one thousand premium ready to click and edit design blocks to utilize.

This raw design power enables you to quickly create high converting landing pages

The beauty of it is the intuitive drag and drop tech they invented.

You can drag and drop any elements you want onto your page - text blocks, pricing tables, buttons, images, powerful testimonial features, lots of payment methods, coupons, and videos, and even countdown timers, (the latter being a very effect marketing element.)

Your pages can benefit from millions of royalty free images too, or you can add your own. But having royalty free images at your disposal allows you to speed up your workflow dramatically.

The Popups Are Great, And Easy To Create With A Few Clicks Too

Choose from a collection of premium done-for you popup designs. From being able to display popups when someone tries to exit your page, to displaying popups after a delay.

You are in total control!

Marketers love popups because they are a great why to capture leads, and leads mean growing a list, and an email list is an online schools bread and butter.


3. Marketing

online course creator

Create any type of Marketing Funnel - Generate Leads & Build Your List

The Fact That You Can Easily Create Marketing Funnels Right Within The Zenler Platform Is Insane!

Yes, you can create any type of high converting marketing funnel or lead magnet funnel's; all under the same roof where you build your school, and email automation, etc.

You can even add a video series, webinar/automated, webinar/survey/virtual summit funnel's & more. In just a few clicks?

What? It's true, it's my online marketing dream come true!

No Need To Design Your Own Either, Just Use Some High Converting Templates

Just make a choice of several high converting designs.

Don't worry, you can still customize them, and edit them, just the way you want, in the powerful page editor.

After that you can visualize the funnel. This shows you where the student, or sign up, or visitor drops off, so you can tweak & improve conversions: another online marketers dream!

And Now You Can automate All Of This Online Marketing, Wow!

Rev up your pre-loaded email sequences.

Segment and target your potential new student anyway you want, with messaging the way you want.

It is as easy as setting up an entire sequence of emails or actions, based on where the prospect is in your funnel.


4. Email Automation

online course creator

Events & triggers are powerful, and you can easily setup automated emails and other actions based on them

Zenler Mail Is Worth It On Its Own, Its A Built-In Email System

Now you don't need email services like Mailchimp.

These services tend to get more expensive over time as your email list grows.

Not at Zenler. Now you can send, and schedule emails from right within Zenler, without needing any third party software. This is all completely automated with stats of mail opens, clicks, unsubscribes, right inside your site, right under your thumb, so easy!

Email Automation That Is Clearly Laid Out And Easy To Use Too

You can send emails out automatically, for any reason, at any key time, (for email marketing timing is everything).

You can send one when someone signs up to your course or funnel, or completes a course, or a lesson, etc.

There is a delay drip feature too, and automated tagging, which is great to have.

Send emails that target the right people at the right time.

Keep everything neat and tidy, and going out to the right people, at the right time with powerful Segmentation, to avoid spamming.

Yes, segment your contacts based on easy to use filters. Use segmentation when sending emails inside your course, funnel, or in email broadcasts.


5. Community

online class software

Drive Student Engagement With Community & Live Chat Room

Communities Are Popular, And Great Places To Learn, And Great Places To Do Some Marketing

Easily setup a social network-style Community for your site.

Community baked into your site can help trigger network effects to form a strong community for your courses and membership sites.

Just imagine what happens when students in one community, start talking about the great course you offer, in another community.

This can go viral, and we marketers love this kind of word of mouth promotion.

Everyone Loves A Live Chat Room that Is Lively

Live Chat Room supplements community. To have a live chat area where members can communicate in real-time will drive even further engagement.

This is when students, and the instructor, can really get know each other, and trust begins to grow exponentially. The more your prospects trust you, the more courses you are going to sell.

Add Community & Live Chat to Pricing Plans, As Another Way To Up-sell to Your Prospects

Adding Up-Sells is a great idea.

You can decide who gets to see the community and live chat. You have the option to include Community and/or Live Chat on the pricing plans as a potential Up-Sell.


6. Live Classes, Live Interactive Webinars & Live Stream

creating an online course

Virtual Classroom anyone? In New Zenler you can create and run live classes, live interactive webinars & stream live, all in HD

In Zenler Schedule & Run Live, Virtual Classes

If a complete marketing and email funnel package is not enough, why don't you run live classes for your students, with HD Video and Audio.

You can have up to 500 video participants and 49 videos. Included are built-in chat, screen sharing, security, WhiteBoard, recording, virtual backgrounds, share files, breakout rooms & more.

Run Live Webinars

Setup and run live, interactive webinars with HD Video & audio. Up to 500 attendees. Chat, Screenshare, WhiteBoard, Security, Share Files & more.

Live Stream your session to Facebook Live or Youtube Live

Broadcast Live Streams into your Facebook Live or Youtube Live - build and engage with your audience and prospects.

So why is Zoom classes, and live streaming so important for the success of your school?

Well, from a marketing point of view, which this post is focused on, these kinds of advanced features will work as powerful lead magnets.

Live streaming gets more people involved in what you have to offer, and lets them get a good taste of who you are, as an authority in your niche.

Establishing yourself as an expert, and allowing students and prospects to see you, face to face at work, creates a strong bond.

start own online school

This will help you to attract leads, as potential future customers.

The obvious use of these tools is either integrating them into your courses as an exclusive member Up-Sell, or to have open, live streaming events, and classrooms for interested prospects.

After they join, they will learn about who you are as an amazing instructor, etc.

Live classes are also great for private membership sites, which people will pay you on a monthly or annual basis.

This is great online class software, but what about instructor support?

Again, from a marketing point of view, support is everything for a successful business.


Support is the simplest way to market your online business.

It is one of the first things people chat about online.

If your support is great, the word will spread quickly, and often go viral. But the same is true about the opposite.

If your support sucks, you better have the best product in the world that never breaks, otherwise your business might be dead on arrival. A lot of new online businesses don't get this.

New Zenler has amazing support. Everyone in the community says so. They are helpful & quick to respond. You usually receive Support within 24hrs.

There is also a friendly, private Facebook group for beta members, to get instant answers in a lot of cases.

And there are also helpful tutorials, and help pages that are being added all the time as Zenler adds new features & prepares to move out of the beta phase.


Zenler is an all-in-one solution, but you are the solution too, how?

Ok here is my secret marketing method, and remember you can include all of these techniques in your online school strategy as well.

So Zenler does not just put out a product that they imagine would be great for instructors, but they listen to their community.

Yes, they build features around what the community wants. I will repeat this: they build features around what the community wants!

This is how you should approach it when you want to start your own online school. Find out what your students, your niche wants, and give it to them.


They will love you for it. They will feel like they helped to build it, and through word of mouth, be your best marketers.

This means the community feels connected and involved in the process, creating solidarity, and making sure the product is exactly what the student needs, not what you think they might need.

There is a big difference!

This will also future proof your school, because you have created the perfect course for your niche, which every one wants and needs.

To execute this powerful technique, start a members only beta course, in any way you want to deliver it, standard videos and text, live streams, chat, and webinars, it's up to you

Tell the students who join, that you want their feed-back in exchange for joining for FEEE; and explain they will be helping to create a great course together with you.

They will love this idea.

This works best after you have started your school already, and you have a list, and students enrolled.

But is can be done from the get go too. You just need to have some great starter material, that your niche will love to learn, to get the ball rolling.

These students, when the course has been created in their image, so to speak, will become your best marketers.

They will fell proud of the suggestions they made, when they see them becoming real features in the course.

See where this is going?

New Zenler has a humble team, who do not hype their features, but look at the needs of its users. What online course creators in community need, they get.

New Zenler listens to what course creators, business owners & entrepreneurs need.

My wife, as an early beta tester, made suggestions to the team, more than a couple of times, and actually got the features she was requesting fulfilled.

New Zenler

Start Your Own Online School

With the New Zenler platform, everything is under 1 roof.

This means the instructors can start their own online school, and get on with the business of course development, and succeeding as experts in their industry, instead of juggling many services at once.

Yes, I'm promoting New Zenler as a marketer, because I have personally used this platform, and know how great it is.

I do not promote anything I have not tried myself, ever! The proof is in the pudding, this blog is part of the school we built in New Zenler; so stick around, and take a tour, and:

Take a look at the school we built

I want other instructors to use it, before they get themselves too deep into other LMS platforms, that just don't come anywhere near the marketing and course creation power of New Zenler.

Pro Tip: don't waste your time and money anywhere else!

Take me up on my FREE secret invitation, and try it out for yourself, right NOW!

start own online school


Upon accepting my invitation, you will be able to :

  • Try New Zenler for free (no obligation to buy)
  • Join New Zenler's secret Facebook group community where help is available from staff and members.

I HIGHLY recommend New Zenler to Start Your Own Online School now: BY INVITATION

start your own online school with zenler

New Zenler gets five of these from me:

5 stars for zenler



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