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7 Steps to Developing Your Psychic Mediumship Skills

I will share with you some advice on how to develop your psychic abilities and become a medium.

Thank you so much for visiting my website looking for guidance on how to grow as a psychic medium. I will share with you some advice on how to develop your psychic abilities and become a medium.

What is a psychic medium?

Many people have been grieving for so long over the loss of a loved one. This is often the reason that they decide to go to a medium to find closure, comfort, or healing from the loss of a loved one who has passed on.

A psychic medium is someone who is able to make contact with the afterlife to receive messages from loved ones who have passed.

You could see a psychic medium as a middleman between the living and the dead.

A medium's heightened psychic abilities allow them to perceive and interpret messages from the other side. Maybe you have heard about clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance.

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What is the difference between a psychic medium and a psychic?

It is good to understand that not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums have psychic abilities.

The main purpose of psychics is to get information about the past, present, and future. Psychics often use tools like Tarot cards or other oracle cards or tools.

The main purpose of mediums is to communicate with loved ones spirits on the other side. Normally, they don't use tools.

Both psychics and mediums help people find answers to their questions.

Can anyone learn to communicate with the dead?

Often, I hear that anyone can become a medium, but I am not sure about that. First of all, a person really needs to feel a calling to become a medium. That means if you can't stop thinking about becoming a medium, you are probably being called by your spirit guides. If a person has no interest in becoming a medium, why should they try?

Otherwise, it takes a special blend of innate ability, heightened sensitivity, and persistent practice to develop into a psychic medium. The belief that everyone has some degree of psychic ability or intuition does not make becoming a psychic medium any less challenging.

It's possible that some people are more likely to develop mediumship abilities because they have a stronger natural connection to the spiritual world. However, some people may need to put in a lot of work developing their psychic abilities and learning the necessary skills to perform a reading.

If one is dedicated to the pursuit, engages in regular practice, and keeps an open mind, they may strengthen their spiritual connections and develop the skills necessary to communicate with the spirit world.

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My Journey

After I learned Reiki in 2001, my spiritual journey had begun. Since then I have continued to learn, practice, and teach lots of different healing modalities, like past-life regression, shamanic healing, Theta Healing, and Ecology Of Thought, just to name a few. Each of the healing modalities I have learned includes a form of intuitive practice, and sometimes mediumship. But I never felt called to work on a deeper level as a medium.

During the healing sessions I did for clients or while giving Reiki seminars, I often noticed that I was aware of spirits in some way. Sometimes their names would even appear to me, which my clients would validate. Did the spirit world call me to become a medium?

I did not intentionally plan to become a "middleman" for the living and the dead. But during my work, I started to get more and more the feeling that the loved ones in the spirit world of my clients were whispering in my ear to pass on information. I felt like I was pushed to do that.

I attended different courses to get a better structure for doing readings. One of the courses I "accidentally" found here in Calgary had teachers from the Arthur Findlay College in England, and I was curious to attend.

After the course, I practised this form of mediumship on my husband, friends, and friends of friends and was really astonished at how accurate my readings had been and how much healing had occurred. I still don't know how that all works or how I know about specific things.

But now, I stop talking about my experience with becoming a medium. Let's focus on your journey, and maybe these 7 tips will help you start.

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Step 1: Meditation and Mindfulness

To get started, make meditation and practising mindfulness a daily habit. This will assist you in calming your mind and increasing your energy or vibration. I suggest starting with meditations that help clear your energy from blockages in your aura and chakras. I have a wonderful course that you can check out. For me personally, it all began with Reiki. Learning Reiki is, for most people, the first step toward becoming more intuitive or psychic. But any form of energy work can lay a solid foundation for the development of your psychic abilities.

A very simple meditation is to simply focus on your breathing. You can find a guided meditation in my free online course "Meditations". This meditation can help you become increasingly aware of a sense of inner peace and mental clarity. You can find this kind of meditation also in my free online course “Meditations”.

Step 2: Gain an understanding of your psychic senses.

I suggest learning about the different kinds of psychic senses. These senses are called clairvoyance, also known as "clear seeing", clairaudience, which means "clear hearing", clairsentience, which means "clear feeling", and claircognizance also known as "clear knowing".

First, find out what psychic skills you have. Do you see your world in pictures, or do you have a good gut feeling? Or maybe sometimes you just know things without any explanation. Everyone is unique and has their own special set of abilities. But still, a combination of all the skills would be very helpful for becoming a medium. You can learn about that in my course “Boost Your Intuition".

This is my favourite course, and I believe it will be helpful for everyone who wants to be a medium or a psychic.

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Step 3: Developing Your Intuition

In my online course, “Boost Your Intuition,” you will find many exercises to help you understand how intuition works and how to become a psychic. But the main focus is to first become an observer of your thoughts, and learn how to change them when they don’t help you be in balance. Stress, for sure, will give you inaccurate readings. I suggest learning in some way to be in balance. That can be done through Reiki or mindfulness. All these energy healing methods or meditation help us become more aware of each moment.

Otherwise, paying really close attention to your feelings, your dreams, your thoughts, and the synchronicities that happen in your daily life will help to develop your intuition as well.

I like to keep a journal in which I record dreams, ideas, synchronicities, thoughts, memories, and so on. If you like doing this as well, you will, over time, start to get to know yourself. This is for sure a part of your spiritual development and will not just help you to be a medium or psychic. You will see patterns and become aware of the guidance that comes from your higher self, or your True Self, as well as from the spiritual realm.

Step 4: Protection and Grounding

Self-protection and grounding before attempting to establish a connection with the spiritual realm will help to avoid being overwhelmed by psychic energies. It will help to keep yourself in balance so that you don’t get distracted by unwanted energy.

Maybe you can create a little personal protection ritual. You could visualize that you are in a sphere of white light and think that only love can come in and only love can go out. You can ask for the assistance of your spirit guides and angels to protect you and help you in your reading.

Grounding practices, such as spending time in nature or feeling your feet on the floor, can help you maintain balance.

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Step 5: Practice, Practice, Practice

The development of your psychic and mediumistic abilities requires both time and practice. To get started, offer readings to close friends and family members, and be open to the feedback that you receive from them. Participate in a development circle or attend workshops in order to gain knowledge from more experienced mediums and improve your abilities. I personally like to watch other mediums, like TV or YouTube. You can actually learn a lot from them as long as you have the basic knowledge of how to perform a medium session.

Step 6: Building Confidence

Like I mentioned before, practice, practice, practice. Make mistakes, and practice again. Mistakes are normal, and no psychic medium is accurate with everything. I know that in some cases you will have clients who say that you don’t get anything right. That can discourage you, and you may think you are not a good medium. But there can be many reasons if the reading doesn’t work out the way you or your client think. Maybe your client has doubts or doesn’t know right away what this information means. Sometimes the loved one on the other side can't communicate at this point, or another spirit needs to come forward first. This happens to every medium; please don’t give up because of that. Focus on your success in helping people with your readings.

As your skills improve, you will feel an increase in self-assurance regarding the psychic insights and the mediumship connections you have.

Trust what you perceive from the spiritual realm; be aware of thoughts, feelings, pictures, or memories. Be aware of where your attention is leading you, and let your client know. I like to say, "If it makes no sense to you, then most of the time you are perceiving the right information". Know that information will not come in the form of a movie. It will come in bits and pieces and needs to be translated with the help of your client.

Remember that the more you trust in your abilities, the stronger will be the connection to the other side and the spirit world. Your little mantra could be: I strongly trust in my intuition.

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7. Step: Ethical Considerations

It is essential to approach your work as a medium or psychic with the utmost integrity and respect, not only for the people who are still alive but also for those who have passed away.

Always remember, when you deliver a message, to be compassionate and make the health and happiness of your client your top priority.

Committing yourself to your own spiritual growth is the most important part of becoming a psychic medium. 

Be patient with yourself and trust the process, as your skills will develop and advance over time. One course I also like to suggest is my "Trance Healing" course, which is also a form of mediumship but with the focus on spiritual healing.

I wish you love and light on your journey!


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