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The Benefits Of Burning Sage, Without Using White Sage Smudge Sticks

Using white sage smudge sticks is controversial. But how can you get the benefits of burning sage without using white sage?

Using smoke for various reasons, like calling the spirits, and breaking up and cleansing your space of negative energies has been around for centuries. This is practiced almost everywhere on our planet by almost every race, creed, and religion.

The use of herbal smoke, and incense, is also used for medicinal purposes. It clears the air of unwanted impurities, with a health benefit attached to it.

The benefits of Smudging has a diverse history
Why You Should Release Negative Energy By Spiritual Cleansing Your Home?

To release negative energy you can do a spiritual cleansing of your home

Daniela will teach you how to release negative energy by doing a spiritual cleansing of your home. But why is this important? Why should you cleanse your home?

Cleansing your home or work space is a way of creating a sacred place. You can do this anywhere that you need to release negative energy.

If you are a healer, energy worker, or anyone who wants to bring positive energy into the home or office, work space, then you should really think about learning to do a spiritual cleansing.