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How To Combine Sigil Magick, And Reiki Symbols Level 2 For Maximum Effect

Combining sigil magick and reiki symbols level 2 will greatly enhance the energy tied into a sigil

The first thing I do to combine sigil magick and reiki symbols level 2 is carefully think about, in detail, what I want to manifest. Then I create a sigil with my desired outcome. In this case I want to be successful in everything I do.

Now you could create a sigil for practically anything.
The sigil meaning is mysterious, because it is only known to you, why? Sigils in magic work on a subconscious level

A sigil is used in magick. It's a monogram statement that is only known to its creator for the purpose of manifesting something particular, in the practitioner's life, or the life of their client.

Basically it is a symbolic representation of the practitioner's desired outcome. It's secret, and should be forgotten.

Now you might be asking: what is the point if it is so secretive that even the practitioner needs to forget about it?