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Rest Relaxation Reiki Healing Works Best At Night, Why?
Before I Go To sleep I Do Rest Relaxation Reiki Healing Every Night.

Why should you be doing Rest relaxation reiki healing every night before you go to sleep? I tell you based on my experience.

There are many reasons to do reiki on a regular basis.

Rest Relaxation And Reiki, For A Good Nights Rest, But How?
When I go to sleep at night, my wife tells me that I often have these muscle spasms.

I twitch and shudder in my sleep, and it's annoying her. And it sometimes even wakes her up from her sleep. I need rest relaxation and reiki.

Reiki Healing With Stones, By Creating Reiki Healing Crystals
Reiki healing with stones is easy when creating reiki healing crystals

Reiki healing crystals are great. I'm going to make one, so to speak, and show you reiki healing with stones.

Reiki stones can be charged and pre-programmed to help you with your reiki needs throughout the day.

For example, if your are like me, and have a job that requires a lot of walking or standing while carrying heavy stuff, your feet might hurt after a while.
You can ease the pain with pre-programmed reiki healing crystals, which you carry in your pocket.

There are many cases in which to do reiki healing with stones.
How To Become A Reiki Master And Teacher Through Reiki Master Certification Online
Reiki Master and Teacher through Reiki Master Certification Online is easy and convenient

The best way to do this if you are just starting out with the awesome world of reiki, is to get this certified reiki level 1, 2, master & teacher, bundle online course.

The reason for this is that 90% of every reiki student go on to take the higher levels, after doing reiki level 1. So instead of dishing out more money, take the quick and easy route, by getting the bundle online course, which includes reiki master and teacher through reiki master certification online.
7 Steps To Create Reiki Food. Does charging food with Reiki actually work?

From my experience reiki food taste better. After filling the food with Chi, or life force energy, which is what reiki energy is, I would say the food taste different, better, sweeter.

You can try this yourself. Lay two bananas side-by-side in front of you. Then charge one of the bananas with reiki energy, and ignore the other banana.
Then do the taste test...
How I’m Sending Reiki To A Situation In The Future, And Why? Tip: It’s Like When You Send Reiki For Distance Healing

Sending reiki to a situation in the future is similar to how you send reiki for distance healing. Only in this 7 step process I won't be using any reiki level 2 symbols.

This is my way to send reiki to a future situation to create harmony for an important meeting, and using only reiki level one energy.

Never underestimate the power of simple reiki energy, combined with visualization.
How To Do A Reiki Self Treatment, 7 Steps For A Powerful Chakra Balance, With Reiki Beaming

I’m going to show you how to do a reiki self treatment, for a simple chakra balance in 7 steps, by combining reiki beaming.

Reiki beaming is a way of channeling reiki to each of the four bodies all at once, which comprises all your aura, including you chakras, and helps a chakra balance. Follow this 7 step session
Reiki Chakra: Crown Chakra Clearing, And The 3rd Eye Chakra Clearing, For New Ideas

My 7 steps for a crown chakra clearing, and the 3rd eye chakra clearing, through reiki chakra activation.
Reiki Chakras: How To Balance Root Chakra, And Why? 7 Steps

Everything is connected. This is especially true for your aura and chakras.
Reiki chakras and balancing them fit perfectly together.

The chakras bring in energy into your aura, which includes, on a basic level, four bodies: the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

I need to create balance in my aura, and I will balance root chakra to start off.
How To: Reiki Self Healing Through Self Reiki Beaming, What is it?

You might know a little about Reiki self-healing, but do you know what Reiki beaming is?

As a reiki master and practitioner there are some techniques that you can use that are really effective, and will help you either to better serve your clients, or for your own self healing.

We will concentrate on the self healing aspect. But normally you can do reiki beaming for your clients by standing a few feet away from them. They will sit, relaxing or lying down.

Reiki beaming is a way of channeling reiki to each of the four bodies, all at once.
Do Reiki Yourself Spontaneously. Why?

Reiki is also meant to be a spontaneous experience. Do reiki yourself, to help yourself and others.

You don’t always need to have a formal reiki session.

What do I mean?

Well it’s simple. Let’s say you are on your way shopping, or you are playing basketball, or you were just going for a walk, and you hurt your toe.